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July 5, 2006

Karrie Webb


DANA GROSS-RHODE: We have Karrie Webb here. Karrie, do you just want to talk about coming off of a long weekend at the Open and now coming into the match-play event and not really having a chance to see the course as much as you would have liked to?

KARRIE WEBB: Well, I haven't seen the course at all. I took yesterday off, obviously assuming that I get to see it today. I'm not overly concerned about it, especially with the rain. It's going to play pretty similar to what it did last year. The fairways are probably the widest fairways we play on Tour, and then with them being wet makes them doubly wide.

So my caddie's walked the course and you know, probably for a couple of holes tomorrow will have to give me some lines off tees and stuff like that, but I have a pretty good memory of it from last year.

Q. What's it like playing match-play, as opposed to normal stroke-play?

KARRIE WEBB: Obviously it's a different mind-set. You're just playing your opponent on the day and obviously you can shoot 64 and lose or shoot a couple over and win. So you know, that's the fun of match play is you've just got to beat the person you're playing against that day.

Q. Is it a challenge to play so soon after a tough, grueling event like the U.S. Open?

KARRIE WEBB: It is, but we did it last year, too. So I don't think anyone's in any sort of different boat than what they were last year. So you know, obviously I took yesterday off. 36 holes on Sunday at the Open, even when you're not in contention and shooting four or five over BOTH rounds, is almost probably as tough as being in contention.

But, yeah, I just took yesterday off, just tried to rest, because hopefully I might have to play a couple of days of 36 holes this week.

Q. Is match play more of a grind than stroke play, and just talk about the overall mental grind last week and then coming into this week also.

KARRIE WEBB: Well, I think mentally this course isn't as challenging as a U.S. Open course is. You know, like I said earlier, the fairways are pretty generous so you're not as anxious with your tee shots. It's a different -- I think it's more of a different mind set where you're setting up to try and play pretty aggressive and try and make as many birdies as possible.

So it's a different mental challenge just because again you could be playing really well and be down in the match and, you know, you could again play really well for one day and be gone. So you know, mentally, you've just got to keep grinding it out when you're playing a match like that and hope you come out on the good side of the match that day.

Q. Your 30-second analysis on the South Korean contingent on the Tour, why they are doing so well and what impact have they had on the Tour as a whole?

KARRIE WEBB: Well, I think Se Ri Pak obviously had a lot to do with why there are so many Koreans over here now. Obviously her breakthrough on the LPGA made a lot of South Korean girls think that it's definitely feasible for them to come over here and play successfully on the LPGA. I think a lot of credit goes to her.

And then you know, the Korean girls are really, really tough workers and I don't think -- are hard workers and I don't think that, you know, what some of the players may lack in physical talent as far as hitting the ball, I don't think they really see it when they are out there. They just get the job done, get the ball in the hole and that's a talent in itself to be able to get around the course with the ability that they have, and they do it very well.

Q. What impact has it had on the Tour?

KARRIE WEBB: Every out here is working harder than they did ten years ago just because of the quality of the fields each week.

End of FastScripts.

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