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May 27, 2006

Kristopher Cox


Q. Kris, first congratuations. That's a heck of a round, 63?

KRIS COX: Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. Lot's of fun.

Q. Well, you missed the last five cuts in a row, and now you come up with something like this. What's the difference?

KRIS COX: The cuts I missed, I missed by one and two shots. The difference is I'm hitting the ball a lot better and the putter worked out. I gave myself some chance and putts went in where they hadn't before.

Q. We've got the leaders coming backwards, a lot of them. You went way forward today.

KRIS COX: I feel good about tomorrow. Hopefully the putter will keep going. We had a little relief this morning with no wind. That really helped the score situation a lot.

Q. Kris Cox, what a terrific round of golf. You zoomed up the leaderboard on the day you're supposed to do just that, 11 of 14 fairways, 17 of 18 greens, 28 putts. Nice round of golf.

KRIS COX: Thanks a lot. That's the best round of the year and best round as a pro. It was all there today.

Q. You're doing it near home. Your best ever tour finish came here, 18, in '04. You've got to be comfortable around this place.

KRIS COX: I thought about that this week. Ain't been playing very well. I missed a lot of cuts here. It felt good to come to Memphis. It was my best finish two years ago at 16th, and I feel good about Tom. I'm pleased with the way I'm playing, and hopefully we'll go strike them tomorrow.

Q. Last thing, what do you need do tomorrow?

KRIS COX: Much what I did today. I drove it in the fairway. 11 of 14 the fairways are pretty narrow, so that was a pretty good start for me. That's the only way to really control the golf ball around these firm bermuda greens. From there you can get it close to the hole and make birdies.

Q. Terrific round of golf.

KRIS COX: Thank you, Jennifer. I appreciate it.

Q. Congratulations on a great round. Let's talk about it.

KRIS COX: Start to finish, it was really a lot of fun. Having trouble hitting the first fairway. Hit it in the first cut. Made a birdie and was off and running from there. The rest of the day I made the birdie putts. I had a chance at the longer putts. I had to I snuggle it down there pretty good. It was very, very fun day.

Q. When it started going, did you feel like a little bit of a rollercoaster?

KRIS COX: In fact, I kind of checked with myself a little bit. Every part of my game really felt good. When that happens, a lot of times your expectations go way up and it leads to a bogey or worse. Today I just kind of played along, followed along. My caddie really helped me out, kind of same routine every time. It's so cliche to say, but it's what we have to do, I guess.

Q. Did you think there was a low score to get out there with the conditions changing the way they did?

KRIS COX: I did. I did. We had softer fairways, for one, which helped you keep the ball in the fairway. The greens were a little bit softer, which helped and the wind was about half the strength. All that combined gave me a little bit of confidence there was a low score out there.

Q. The conditions the same for the last two days. Is there an adjustment you have to make to different conditions? Does that affect people sometimes?

KRIS COX: A little bit. They weren't that drastically different. The wind direction was very similar, but there is a slight adjustment. You can be a little more aggressive after some rain like we had. The ball really isn't bouncing out of control on the greens like it can when it's dry and windy like it was the last couple of days.

Q. How on earth did you play so well with (Inaudible).

KRIS COX: Man, he's stylish. They don't make those in my size, unfortunately. They stop at 32. We're well beyond that.

Q. Would you wear them if they did?

KRIS COX: If I could fit into them, I probably would wear them. It means I'm not as healthy as I am.

Q. You're in a real good position going into tomorrow. That's got to feel good.

KRIS COX: It does feel good. I haven't had a chance to win a tournament event realistically. I think if I play well tomorrow, I'll have a chance, and starting every week, that's that you'd like to do.

Q. How do you keep your emotions calm tonight when you relax and get ready for tomorrow's final round, knowing you're right there in the hunt?

KRIS COX: That's a great question. I think there's some basketball on tonight. My wife flew in last night, have a nice dinner and relax.

Q. Do you go aggressive tomorrow or try to play conservatively?

KRIS COX: I think the conditions are going to dictate that more than where I am on the leaderboard. If I'm in the fairway with a great number with a short iron, absolutely I'll be aggressive. If I'm in the rough and have no chance, then, no, I won't do anything stupid, hopefully.

Q. There's no coincidence that you put on this little run with your wife in town now, is there?

KRIS COX: I know. She's the good luck charm without a doubt. It was nice that she flew in last night.

Q. Thanks, Kris.

End of FastScripts.

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