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June 5, 2004

Stephen Ames


STEPHEN AMES: I was happy with the result, considering I ended up shooting 70, so I didn't shoot myself out of the competition yet.

Q. Tough making putts because things were crispy?

STEPHEN AMES: Crispy, a little spikey, a lot faster than they were the first two days. And for me it's something new for me that I have to work at a bit because rarely do we get to play on the speed of these greens all year long.

Q. Guys made moves today. You still made a little move. Like you said, you didn't come anywhere near shooting yourself out of it. Do you have a number tomorrow?

STEPHEN AMES: Yeah, it's got to be low. If the conditions stay like they are right now for tomorrow, I figure it's got to be close to 66 to have a chance of getting it, maybe winning this thing.

Q. That leaves a lot of guys in it?


Q. A lot of guys are close?

STEPHEN AMES: A lot of guys are so close, but they're going to be in the situation of -- they're in the lead. I'm coming from behind. With my Sunday track record, I think I have a pretty good chance.

Q. Do you like that, kind of?

STEPHEN AMES: Yes and no. I haven't been in either experience in that sense, so at this stage I'm just going to go out and see what happens.

Q. 17 and 18 coming in, if things tighten up tomorrow and there's a logjam there on those two holes, that can lead to some fantastic golf?

STEPHEN AMES: It definitely could. It could be a lot of fun, definitely, a climax of things that could happen or maybe not happen.

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