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May 26, 2006

Darron Stiles


JOE CHEMYCZ: We welcome Darron Stiles to the interview area. Darron with a 6 under par 64 today. Best round of the day, under very difficult conditions. And Darron, other than perhaps a hiccup and a 3 putt double bogey at 5, an awfully good day for you today.

DARRON STILES: Yeah, it was. Just another solid ball striking day. Got off to a good start making some putts early on 10, 11, 12, and got getting through 11 and 12, actually 11, 12 and 14 were the three key holes. Get to them 2 under, I think was the key today.

JOE CHEMYCZ: Talk about really nice parr save at 18.

DARRON STILES: That was pulled my tee shot a little bit. It kicked left down into the water. Dropped out and I had 150 yards and hit it about 18, 20 feet and just I had what did I have? Almost in my line but outside of it. Just above it and just perfect. Went just above it as it got to it and went in.

JOE CHEMYCZ: Questions?

Q. Again, talk about how well you seem to play here at this course. I know you had to

DARRON STILES: It's not a true bomber's golf course. You've got to work the ball around the golf course a little bit. That's the style that I like to see. I don't mind a bomber's course, but I'd rather there be some shot making.

Q. Talk about the conditions. It seems like it didn't seem to bother you that much, and a lot of other people were talking about how tough it is to hold those greens and struggling with the wind.

DARRON STILES: It seems like I've been playing in the wind for the last month, whether it's been out here, in New Orleans a few weeks ago, or the last couple of weeks.

I don't know if it's the fact that I'm used to it since I've been playing it in basically the last month or I learned how to play in it. I think I have. I did not used to like to play in a lot of wind, but I think I've mentally gotten a lot smarter to play the right shot.

Q. I know we talked before about you leading here after one round a few years ago. From that day and what you did the next day, do you prepare any differently for tomorrow?

DARRON STILES: To be perfectly honest, I couldn't even tell you what I did the next day in 2003. As far as any other preparing, I won't do anything different than I did today. I have the last tee time, I guess. Sleep in and kind of see what happens. I'll go back and get ready.

Q. Darron, having played so many times, talk about 4 over. How strange is that for the cut?

DARRON STILES: I guess it's a lot this is only my second time here. I didn't get to come here last year because my daughter had to have some surgery. Last year being the first year with the changes, I think it was even par. In 2003, I don't remember what it was. With the wind, the way the wind is playing, the greens get firmer as the day has gone on. I think that's what keeping the scores down.

Q. Also, if you could talk about the playing in the heat.

DARRON STILES: We're starting to get into the time of year where I start playing better. Seems like the hotter the weather gets, the better I start playing. Some of that comes from growing up in Florida, I'm used to the heat in the summertime.

It seems like every year at this time of the year, the next two, three months is when I play good. I can go back to my whole career and say that.

JOE CHEMYCZ: Take us through a number of birdies today, starting at 10, 11, 12.

DARRON STILES: 10, I actually hit probably one of poorest tee shots I hit all day, but I ended up fine down the left rough. I hit an 8 iron on the green from there about 12 feet short of the hole. Rolled that in.

11, a special hole. Yesterday I made double there, hit a good shot. I hit the shot, I was just trying to today I hit 9 iron about 15 feet short of the hole. That was a sigh of relief I was on the green. Just pulled that one in. Just not enough speed to get there.

12, 3 wood down the middle. Just a little 7 iron. 25 feet left of the hole. Let's see. 15, 3 wood right down the middle. Little 9 iron about three feet.

16, driver in the first cut to the right side. 5 wood just on the front of the green and two putted for birdie there.

On 1, driver down the middle, 6 iron just past the pin about 18 feet. 5 is hit a good tee shot, and I was trying to get it up over the trees and bring it back. Caught some of the trees and it went down. Punched a 3 iron under the trees. Got into the front left bunker. Hit a bunker shot about 20 feet. Ran the first one by about 4 feet and made probably the first putt in two days.

Came right back on 6, 3 wood and actually hit it through the fairway. I was surprised how far it went. Sand wedge from 10, about 15 feet. Then coming into 9, 3 wood right side, just enough with a decent lie, little pitching wedge to about 15.

JOE CHEMYCZ: Okay. Darron, thank you. Play well this week.

End of FastScripts.

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