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May 26, 2006

John Senden


Q. Yesterday you were maybe kind of on the bubble. Now you put up 65 here. Now you're here, and now you start focusing on, hey, if I put another 65 together, I mean is that what the goal is?

JOHN SENDEN: The goal is like to win the tournament. You know, you wouldn't tee it up if you didn't. You know, realistically, you know, I'm in a good position right now. Hopefully, I'll hang around to the end of the day. Tomorrow is a huge day. You know, playing my round and set to go.

Q. You're from Australia. What's the funnest thing you've done away from the golf course here in Memphis this week?

JOHN SENDEN: Well, we haven't really done a lot this week. Last year we visited Graceland to see where Elvis lived and stuff, and that was great. You know, mom and dad were here, as well. It was a joy to see them go through it, as well. That's probably the most important thing we've done.

Q. Is Elvis big in Australia?

JOHN SENDEN: Oh, yeah. He's big everywhere.

Q. Is Elvis big with your mom and dad?

JOHN SENDEN: Yeah, I think so. I never heard. I never heard them play him a lot when I was a little guy, but, you know, like he's world famous, Elvis. It's great to go and see his gold and platinum records that's up in that room that he has there. And, you know, where he lives was, you know, what I thought was, you know, by our standards a small house, but back then when he lived, it was a mansion, I'm sure, and it's exciting.

Q. You had a great year last year on tour. Is that your breakout year?

JOHN SENDEN: Yeah, I think so. Every year I've improved and I'm about to, you know, keep focusing on improving every year, and I'm in a better position now than I was last year. So focusing on, you know, realistic goals, you know, top 15, top 30, you know, that's a good goal. Top it off with a win, been out here five years.

I'm starting to get more comfortable with the guys I'm playing with, and on the golf course we generally play the same ones every year. I'm looking forward to the second half of the year. Got off to a good start. I might as well keep setting the goals to finish it off.

Q. Thank you.

End of FastScripts.

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