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July 6, 2006

Tom Lehman


TOM LEHMAN: Still come in with a long iron. You want to be in the fairway and give yourself a chance to make birdies, 50 and 40 feet away all day doesn't work.

Q. I know you're combining the round and playing the tournament with a lot of other off course activities, certainly, across the river. You've played some holes on the Palmer Course and you may play some more, are you agreeing with some people are saying that it suits the Americans, that it's an American style course?

TOM LEHMAN: You know, the players are so good on both sides that play this style of golf course so often, there's so much golf is played on the European stage, so I really couldn't say it favours one side or the other. It's the golf course and we've all got to play it. Americans inaudible are having play a links course, I would say we have a better chance but this course favours the person who hits the ball in the fairway, the person who has the nerves to handle the pressure.

Q. Large crowd today?

TOM LEHMAN: Huge crowd. I was surprised to see so many. The weather was nice.

Q. Inaudible?

TOM LEHMAN: Banker's holiday, literally.

And it's a good golf course. I enjoy playing. Some low scores this morning. It was a lot tougher this afternoon. It's a great tournament and I really enjoy the tournament. They do a great job with everything. Gerry Byrne and his crew, they make it first class.

Q. How was the atmosphere today compared with the bigger events on the PGA Tour?

TOM LEHMAN: It's similar, yeah. I'd say it definitely has the same kind of feel. What I like so much about it is the tee to green, it's in line with people all around the greens. It's very much the kind of thing you can experience playing at home, paired with Mickelson or Sergio or something like that. You get big crowds like this.

Q. How about playing with Monty today?

TOM LEHMAN: He was a gentleman. He's always been a great player. What I saw today is what I've seen for years and years and years and years, very, very steady, very solid, very confident and hits quality golf shots every hole. So it was more of the same.

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