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May 25, 2006

Nick Price


Q. Nick Price, you're a special guy. Obviously you feel special around this place. You've been here 18 times. You've got 8 top 10s, a couple of wins and started off with a round of ever 2 under.?

NICK PRICE: We'll it's been a change for the way I've been playing of late. I've been working pretty hard on my game and actually surprised the last couple of weeks.

I had a bit of a back problem at Wachovia a and missed the cut there. Last week or the week after that at Byron Nelson actually went into the week playing really well and ended up missing cut there.

It was a bit of a mystery. I kind of hung in there and the last couple of weeks hit some balls and I started to putt a lot better. That's made a big difference. I've been putting pretty poorly. Put a lot of pressure my long game.

This is the kind of course I really enjoy. It's totally different to the course I won on. It's got a little bit of extra length but the fairways are groomed, the ball is rolling and these greens are just really, really good. I'm amazed. They are putting beautifully. They're nice and firm if and if you get out of position with your tee ball, you're really at the mercy of these greens.

Q. You played around beautifully. You were in the group with John Daly. He seemed to really struggle today, sort of limping on his way in.

NICK PRICE: He's had problems with his back. I just said to him playing up 18, I said, you know, don't hurt yourself because, you know, anytime you play hurt it just takes that much longer to recover and, you know, he's been playing well and he's trying to get his game back into shape and, you know, with the majors coming up and everything, he wants to get his game you know, he's determined and I was surprised he made 18 holes today because he was hurt on the first tee.

Q. I mean you see a guy like John who usually talks to everybody and the he got out of here in a hurry. He must have been in pain.

NICK PRICE: He headed straight to the trailer. He said he feels like he's got a softball in the middle of his back. Hopefully he'll be okay.

I don't know if he'll play tomorrow, though. I think he would be wise just to take four, five days off or however long he can take off and try to let it heal.

Q. You look fit and healthy. How are you doing?

NICK PRICE: I'm doing well. The workout program has been helping. It hasn't helped my golf a whole lot until today so but I'm really I'm looking forward to the next few weeks, the Memorial this week and then the Memorial and U.S. Open and then a break for the summer with the kids.

You know, I'd like to put three good tournaments under my belt before I have to break.

Q. Wonderful. Hope it's successful.

NICK PRICE: Thank you.

End of FastScripts.

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