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May 28, 2006

Padraig Harrington


Q. Just firstly, a round where things happened, where birdies were made, you made more birdies in the last 15 holes than you did in the first 35 holes in the tournament, just what was your feeling?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, you know, I suppose I kind of said that yesterday, it's obviously a lot easier when you're kind of well off the pace on a Saturday; you're looking to make a few birdies. Certainly probably was a bit freer on the greens, and a good pace on them. I felt I could give all the putts a run at the hole. They weren't too fast. They really you could be positive without fearing running them by too much. So it was good conditions, I suppose, for holing putts.

Q. You didn't get off to the best of starts.

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: I hit into two bad areas on the first and the fifth, on the fringe of the green in two. They were two poor efforts at up and downs. But I kept my round going nicely on 14 and 15 when I did get up and down. So, okay, it was very slack that I didn't get up and down. There were two nice up and downs on 14 and 15, and actually 17 as well, so that really kept the round going, and I've probably been missing that sort of thing in past days. I haven't been getting up and down as much as I should be to keep a round going. But, today I did.

Q. On the 18th yesterday, you're tootling along at level par and you hole about a 15 , 16 foot putt for eagle and today your 18 footer tiptoes in, and obviously they make the round that much more sweeter?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, without a doubt. I felt I hit two nice shots and just got caught in the corner of the bunker, a poor lie in the bunker. And it's never easy on a soft green like 18 to hit a bunker shot all the way to the pin. So it was all good. But it was nice I didn't feel good about the 18 but I think because I holed the one yesterday, I thought maybe I'll keep holing putts on this green.

Q. Is there any sense of this being a tournament within a tournament? David Howell clearly has got some sort of thing going out there, but there is huge prize money at stake, and also the prospect maybe of the Top 3 finish which is something that would really energize your season.

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Well, I don't know if it would energize my season. I think winning would energize my season.

Obviously David is running away with things. He obviously finds it very easy out there. But, you know, there's still a long way to go yet and obviously if you can't win the tournament, you just try and shoot the best score you can and see where that comes up. I certainly won't be going out there thinking I'm going to try and play my best, shoot my best score and not worry about where that's going to leave me at the end of the day.

Q. How about a 472,000 Euro second place prize which would catapult you up the Ryder Cup rankings, which is perhaps what other people are thinking?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Well, I have no idea what the prize fund was for second place and I don't even look what first place is, so I'd hardly know what second place. So I'm going to play my best and if that means finishing, you know, 10th or 15th or fifth or third, who knows, just as long as I come off the golf course thinking I've played well, I'll be happy.

Q. The last two weeks, it's 15th at the British Masters at The Belfry, 11th last week at the Irish Open, is there the scent of where Padraig Harrington is at his best in the game at the moment?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: I thought it was 11th at the British Masters. I was 11th in the last two, 40th the week before that. I've had a lot of finishes like that of late, slightly out of five shots off the lead in both the last two tournaments and certainly could have easily found places to make that up during the week.

So, yeah, I know I've been tinkering along and just need a few things to go right for me on the golf course and I'll be right there.

Q. Feeling a bit more confident about Wentworth heading into a final round in the position you're in?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Well, I'd really like the changes. I think the golf course is great tee to green, they have made some great improvements. Widening the fairways has really made the golf course play a lot fairer. It's a great test of golf all the way up to the greens, yeah. Obviously after that, they have revamped the course tee to green and it's right up there now with being one of the best golf courses certainly that we play in the game, and if they finished off the job and revamped the greens, you couldn't say but it would be one of the best courses in the world.

End of FastScripts.

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