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October 13, 2004

John Daly


Q. The rough wasn't as high last year, how tough is it for you guys when you get in the rough like that?

JOHN DALY: Well, when it's wet like this, that Bermuda rough will grab the ball and it will sink in a little more. But, yeah, it's pretty tough. Hopefully you just hit all the fairways.

Q. What is your answer when people ask you what's going on this year? You're doing so well, you won 2 million dollars this year, it is your best season, what do you say?

JOHN DALY: Well, it's just a lot of combination of things. I think that it's being able to make my own equipment like I went in with Dunlop and built the irons the way I wanted to, built the golf ball the way I wanted it. I went back 14 years in time on the golf ball. I wanted something that's a little softer, better around the greens and more puttable. Because the balls today, they're just too hard. The spin ratio is not very good on them. So it was kind of cool to go back and do that with Dunlop. So that's been a big plus.

I've been practicing a lot and just a lot of things is being fresh for every tournament. I haven't played more than three weeks in a row this year and that's helped an awful lot.

Q. If you had to pick between being No. 1 on TOUR in driving or putting, what would you choose?

JOHN DALY: Putting. Oh, yeah. Because if you're No. 1 on putting you're winning some golf tournaments.

Q. Do you think that's overlooked in your game? I think you're fourth or something like that in putting.

JOHN DALY: Well, yeah, it's been a good year for putting. Like I said, the short game is what wins golf tournaments. So if you can hit it somewhat halfway decent out here and have a really good short game, you can play out here.

Q. Are you a fan of the new design?

JOHN DALY: Yeah. Yeah. You think it's great. It's a little longer on the back. I like 5. I think it's a great hole what they did with 5. They moved it up where it's risk/reward.

And making 6 as long as it is now, it's kind of neat. The golf course has always been good here. The greens have always been great. The fairways have always been great. And the players really like coming here and playing.

It's -- you get a very consistent run on the greens, throughout the 18 holes here, and that's what we like.

Q. Since you did so well this year, how anxious are you to get to 2005 and just, you know, from the very beginning just go off and have a great year?

JOHN DALY: Well, this year is still not over. I got this week and Disney next week and the TOUR Championship. So I got a lot of golf to play and a lot of fun stuff to play in the rest of the year. So those -- I know those silly season tournaments, they kind of don't mean a lot to a lot of people, but they do to me. Because if you get some confidence and you win some of them, whether it's a team event or not, it rolls over into confidence for next year.

Q. You got to play in the pro-am Monday to support the troops, could you talk a little bit about that experience?

JOHN DALY: I had a great time. It was great that we could do that for them. They do so much for us, protecting our freedom and our country.

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