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May 28, 2006

Tom Watson


TOM WATSON: 4 I didn't hit it far enough. So I had a double bogey there. I had it right on the line there.

See, this golf course has got a lot of water. And if you mishit it a little bit, you're always going to be in the water. And it's just a very difficult golf course with this wind and the small greens and the water and you got your work cut out for you. That's the reason you didn't see very many good scores today.

Q. 4 was not a very nice hole to you this week?

TOM WATSON: No, it wasn't. I had two double bogeys there. Three double bogeys there. And that was a and I hit one shot that I didn't like, but it still was 10 feet off there, off line. Today the wind died and I guess I just should have hit it a little bit harder with the 6 iron. I hit it right on the line I wanted to hit it and ended up not carrying it by about a yard.

Q. What was the course like today as opposed to yesterday?

TOM WATSON: It was tougher today. The pin positions were more difficult today. They were as tough as they were going to get today. And it was, you really had to play away from the pins a lot today. A lot of the holes you had to play away from the pins. You couldn't hit at the holes. So that's the smart players are going to play well and if you're not playing well, you're going to shoot 79 like I did.

Q. You're not going to play again until Kansas City?

TOM WATSON: Kansas City.

Q. What do you do the next couple weeks?

TOM WATSON: Keep fit and I got some different things I have to do, a variety of things I have to do. I'll be playing an exhibition with Jack up in Canada.

I'll be doing a variety of things, really.

Q. Where is that in Canada?

TOM WATSON: Prince Edward Island.

Q. And is that, that's coming up pretty soon?

TOM WATSON: No, that's, I got three weeks for that.

Q. Are there certain things you work on that

TOM WATSON: Yeah, there were some things out here that I didn't do well today and I made a couple of good swings coming in and I got to figure out what I was doing wrong and sometimes playing in the wind, I get, I have a tendency to shut the club face and to hit it that way. And that gets me in trouble.

Q. You're looking forward to that stretch?

TOM WATSON: Yeah, it sure is. That's the stretch I've been on a looking forward to all year. I'll bounce back from this. It's not a pleasant thing to shoot 79, but I deserved every stroke of it.

Q. Could I get your thoughts on this course as a Major championship caliber course?

TOM WATSON: It's a super difficult golf course. It has water 12 shots of water and very close shots at water. Pete Dye designed a course the way they wanted him to, one of the most difficult courses in the country. And when you add 15, 20 mile an hour wind, it really tack it's to the limit.

End of FastScripts.

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