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May 27, 2006

Dana Quigley


KELLY ELBIN: Dana Quigley, ladies and gentlemen, in today with an a 1 over par 72. For a 211 total. That's 2 under par. And currently four shots out of the lead. Dana, it had to be a very difficult golf course today because of the conditions.

DANA QUIGLEY: I think you probably every one that comes in here is going to tell you that they were really glad to get off that course.

Anything could have happened out there. I just tried to rely on my experience playing in these kind of tournaments and I know you had and then you add to it with the wind. And I don't think you can get your mindset on what par is. Because par could have been anything out there today.

I just tried to make par on each hole and add it up. I don't know, 74 or 75 was par out there today, but I know it was higher than 71.

KELLY ELBIN: You had three bogeys, three birdies. Can you go through your card for us.

DANA QUIGLEY: Sure. Bogeyed number five. I bogeyed that one yesterday too. That green is sitting up on a, sitting up look it's on the top of a mountain with the wind blowing. And I hit a pretty solid drive, it bounced right into the fairway bunkers I had to come out with a sand wedge. I had to just come out sideways from the fairway bunker off the tee. And then I hit 3 wood in there and from 260 yards I hit it in the right green side bunker and didn't get it up and down. Missed about a 12 footer. But anything could have really happened there.

I bogeyed 10. I hit a really nice little 6 iron in there, ran off the side that have big hill and down in the left fringe. I played a beautiful wedge shot back up to the top of the green and let it come back to the hole and I missed about a three footer there. But that was, I wasn't unhappy at all there.

I made a great 2 on 13. Hit an 8 iron that was 188. My stock 8 iron is 150, so that will tell you how it's playing. It was 188 to the hole. I almost made a 1 there. And I had probably four feet behind the hole there.

16 was really stupid. I had a greenside bunker in two, really tight pin and the sand was extremely hard in the bunker, not much sand at all. I really tried to hit it hard and spin it and hit the bank in front of me and stayed in the bunker. I blasted out again about eight feet and then missed it. So I made a stupid bogey there.

Then came right back with a 2 on 17. I hit I think it was maybe 181, I hit a 7 iron. I held a 7 iron in there to about 20 feet and made it.

KELLY ELBIN: Questions.

DANA QUIGLEY: Other than that, I 3 putted the last green from probably 120 feet at least. So lucky, but these those are the kind of things you got to do to score on a day like today. There's never just fairway and green and 2 putt, there's no comfort level at all on a day like this. And to be honest with you, I drove it, I think as badly as I could drive it today and I still got away with a round. So that's really an upside for my round today. I really hit the driver terrible.

Q. This was the kind of day you knew that there was going to be at least one of when this tournament was scheduled for Oak Tree, wasn't it?

DANA QUIGLEY: At least one. I was praying for only one. If it were only one we would have it behind us. But I think tomorrow is going to be as bad or worse. So anything could happen tomorrow. Gil's got a couple shot lead, he's lived and played in this stuff all his career, even though he doesn't play here that often, he says, he definitely has an advantage tomorrow. I would have to say that.

He knows what to expect with this weather. We're hoping that it doesn't, but you know it will.

Q. You tend to hit it fairly low, do you consider yourself a good wind player?

DANA QUIGLEY: Yeah. I played well all my life in wind. I really, it doesn't affect too much with my iron clubs, they go nearly the same distance. The wind, because I hit it so low. But normally I hit the driver way better than I did today. I really don't know what happened. I think I was just coming out of it or something. And my balance was not good at all. And I may go hit about 20 balls at the range. The only problem is the range is straight down wind and that doesn't help you at all. So I don't know what to do.

Q. Can you just talk about, you just said a little while ago that par was higher than 71 today. With as poorly as you say you drove the ball, how good was a 72?

DANA QUIGLEY: Yeah, 72, I stole one out there today. I felt like I played worse than 72. No question. You know when you start out a day like this, you know your up and down game has got to be there. I hit a lot of great chips and wedges around greens. You just try not to dwell on you're 2 over or 3 over. Because par probably is 74 or 75 today. So you really are still around par. It's hard not to look at the scoreboard and see your name sometimes go off the board and then back on. You just got to really key on what's important out there, and that is getting it on that green somehow as soon as you can and trying to get out of therewith some pars. I mean it's pars on every single one of these holes on this golf course is a good score today. Every one individually is playing that hard. They got some shorter holes that the greens look like they're up on the top of hills, or I mean mountains the way this wind is blowing. And it's very, very hard to pick out a club. It's important that once you pick out your club, it's important to really commit to that and trust the fact that you picked out the right one. Even though sometimes you don't think you have. You just got to go ahead and swing away. Go find it.

Q. What was the craziest result of a shot you saw today wind related, either you or anybody in your group, anything really crazy happen because of the wind?

DANA QUIGLEY: Probably. Let me think. Well, 4 was pretty much down wind today. That hole with the pond in front. The pin was front. I hit six, I hit first and I hit six, it's 206 or something, I hit 6 iron, just to get it on the front edge. And both the two guys I played with really hit their irons solid and I don't know whether they hit six or seven, but both of them ended up in the water. I mean, you figure all you got to do is get it in the air and let the wind carry it to the green, but sometimes on that shot the wind kind of knocks that ball down and they both, you know, Purtzer was posing on his and it just, you know, it didn't even hit the rocks, it hit the water short of the rocks. So you just, you absolutely were just dying to get it on the green, to be honest with you.

The fifth hole was, that par five with that wind, that thing sitting up there, try getting that baby on green. I mean that was really hard. Treacherous.

Q. Any trouble keeping your visor on today?

DANA QUIGLEY: No, my visor stayed. Purtzer lost his hat or whatever he wears, a visor maybe, he lost it a couple times. I got a bunch of knots in my head, so I put the hat under the knots. I bumped around so long I got bruises every where.

KELLY ELBIN: Dana Quigley, thank you very much.

DANA QUIGLEY: All right. Hopefully we'll talk tomorrow.

End of FastScripts.

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