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May 27, 2006

Tom Watson


TOM WATSON: I made some shots that I didn't play very well and I also putted very poorly. It made me play defensively, it seems like, it seemed like on the green, I just didn't have an offensive feeling with the putter in my hands today. When you do that, when the wind is blowing like it is, the course is going to win. The course beat me today.

Q. You said yesterday that when the wind blows it's kind of whoever guesses the best, were you just not guessing right today?

TOM WATSON: Well, I didn't guess too well on a couple of shots today and actually on a couple putts today too, with the wind. And it ended up, I have too many four putts during the PGA senior championships. I had a 4 putt last year and I 4 putted number 4 today as well. So that doesn't help your score very much.

Q. To have a score like Gil looks like he's going to put up today.

TOM WATSON: That's a fine score. This golf course is a very tough golf course to judge the wind. And you, and obviously, I don't know if Gil has a little local knowledge on us, I don't know if it's obvious or not, but it seems like he's played here enough times with this type of wind that he has a little bit more certainty and he pulls the club, when he pulls the club out of his bag, he knows what club to hit.

There's a little home course advantage when the wind blows like this.

Q. Can you ever really figure it out, or leave it to the Oklahoma guy to get the closest is that what you're saying?

TOM WATSON: What I'm saying is he probably has the advantage because he's played the golf course so many more times than we have and in these type of conditions this is a very difficult golf course. The greens play small and it, without having played it a lot, you get some balls in the wrong positions here, unknowingly sometimes.

Q. Certainly you played in worse conditions, but how does this, I mean was it tough, do you consider this tough or do you consider this mild?

TOM WATSON: No, it was tougher than average, that's for sure. The wind was blowing 15 to 20 miles an hour today. And gusting from different directions too. Coming over this hill from the south here, sometimes it's not blowing the same direction. Sometime it's, it could be 45 or 60 degrees off to where it's kind of normally blowing during the day, so that's the difficult thing about this golf course is judging the wind and then trying to pick the right club.

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