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May 26, 2006

Tom Watson


Q. Overall, impressions today. How did you feel about your round?

TOM WATSON: Well, overall it was a pretty good day. I hit 16 out of 18 greens, so that was the good part of it. I had a couple three putts early on in the round and then I made a no brainer birdie at 16. I knocked it in the water, I took my shoes off and hit it out of, I actually wasn't in the water but I was on the slope and I had to stand in the water and knocked it up on the green on 16 and then made about a 25 footer for birdie there. So I saved two shots there and that turned my round around.

Q. Did you know that there were snakes in there?

TOM WATSON: Well, I seen a few snakes.

Q. Were you scared?

TOM WATSON: No. The thing that, when I stepped in there, I did, this log just came right up like that. Just like right out of the water. So.

Q. How surprised with you with how you ended up there on 16?

TOM WATSON: I was very surprised, obviously when you hit, when I saw the ball hit the side of the retaining wall and then splash, I said, oh no, where am I going to lay it out. But I went up there and apparently it must have hit something and it kept up dry. So and I was, it wasn't that difficult a shot. I just had an awkward stance was all. I knocked to know the green and then made a putt for the birdie. So it went from a bogey to a birdie and instead of 3 over I was 1 over and I got it back to 1 under par and then hit a bad driver and bad second shot on the ninth hole and ended up making bogey there. And finished the round at even par. I made two good putts at 7 and 8. Made from about 25 feet at 7 and 35 feet from 8 for birdies. So I can't complain, even though I 3 putted a couple times early in the round. It all averaged out.

Q. What did you hit there at 16 that got you there and what did you hit to get out?

TOM WATSON: I hit a 4 wood out of the rough. My ego both got the best of me thinking I could hit a 4 wood and I didn't hit it I hit it actually pretty well on the club face, but it didn't get far enough. Then I hit a sand wedge out of the hazard there up on the green and made it from about 25 feet.

Q. Yesterday was your excellent adventure, what was that?

TOM WATSON: Well that was Tom's Very Excellent Adventure right there.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TOM WATSON: I could not, no. I had to jump up to see it and then I had a background, I had a mark in the back there I could hit it to. When the ball is above your feet with a sand wedge like this and you're aiming right there, you got to aim about right there. (Indicating) so I had to aim well right of where I was, where the flag stick was.

Q. Do you remember the last time you took your shoes off and?

TOM WATSON: And made a birdie? I can't. No. That's a stupid question, because my memory is about as good as it was, I could probably remember something yesterday, but that's about the best I can do.

Q. Can you comment on some of the names on the leaderboard. There seems to be some pretty significant golf names up there?

TOM WATSON: Well, there sure is. This golf course is a very difficult golf course and the cream rises to the top. The players that you would expect to be there are there and it's a ball striker's golf course. The wind is difficult to judge, and there are a couple times today that the wind fooled me again. I got fooled out there twice today, one on 11 and another basically at number what was it? Didn't fool me at 15 today. I played a good shot at 15. It fooled me yesterday at 15.

Q. Do you see any underdogs sneaking through?

TOM WATSON: You never can tell, but you look at the leader board right now and most of the names you would expect to be there are there.

Q. The wind you just said it's a guessing game and it kicked up considerably and stayed up most of the afternoon. Are you getting more acclimated now?

TOM WATSON: Exactly. Just what I said. We were playing from you look at the flags right there. It's coming from the southeast, and yesterday it was actually a bit more out of the west and the Wednesday practice rounds was pretty much due south. But this is the wind we had on Tuesday. A strong wind on Tuesday from the southeast. So we're getting acclimated to it, and it's, you know, once you give us a chance to play it a few times, we'll hone in and we'll zero in on it.

Q. And I guess the forecast is for these type of winds the rest of the weekend?

TOM WATSON: Well, it was not as hot today.

Q. Well, that was the benefit.

TOM WATSON: Well, yeah, it wasn't nearly as hot today as it was yesterday.

Q. It's not Scottish weather either?

TOM WATSON: I brought a couple sweaters just in case. But I don't think I'm going to have to use them this week.

End of FastScripts.

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