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May 26, 2006

Dana Quigley


Q. How was your round today?

DANA QUIGLEY: Pretty good. 1 under. Not very consistent. I made six birdies and five bogeys. So I was Jekyll and Hyde out there and mostly not many pars, but I had some fun.

Q. Is your consistency something you're going to work on for tomorrow for?

DANA QUIGLEY: What I'm going to work on is I'm going to go home, watch the Red Sox, then go to sleep. That's all the work I'm going to do for today. It's maybe this isn't the kind of course where you can be real consistent on. It's, there's a lot of trouble out there and you just got to take what it gives you.

Q. What color is going to be tomorrow?

DANA QUIGLEY: Tomorrow, let's see now I think I'm going to save pink for Sunday, tomorrow we might go with, I don't know, some kind of light green or something.

Q. What are you going to have to what kind of score will the leaders shoot, where do you feel?

DANA QUIGLEY: What's the lead seven? Score to win the tournament? Well, a lot depends if we get those 30 mile an hour winds like they say we're going to get. Scores will not go any lower, they will probably go higher, so five or 4 under might win it. If we get the 30 mile an hour winds. If we don't, you got to look at 10 or 11. There's only two or three guys up there, so, you know I think I'm in sixth place at 3 under. So it's, we're not too far away.

Q. So the Red Sox better or worse without Johnny Damon?

DANA QUIGLEY: The Red Sox are better. We got rid of one cry baby. We took such good care of him in Boston, you know, they got so many great signs in Fenway Park. My kids go to all the games, they have season tickets. We have a lot of fun there. But we're going against a tough pitcher tonight. We haven't hit that guy at all. So it will be a good game.

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