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June 29, 2005

John Daly


Q. Is it good to be back in Chicago? It's been nine years, I think.

JOHN DALY: Has it been that long? Yeah, it feels great. A little warm.

Q. Does this course set up well for you as a big hitter?

JOHN DALY: Yeah, if you hit it straight, like any other course. A lot more length to it than I remember.

But the rough is up really, really tall this week. So it's a premium to hit it in the fairway.

Q. Have you been hitting it straight?

JOHN DALY: Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

Q. With the rough dried out, is it a little easier than it would have been with some rain?

JOHN DALY: Yeah, probably. You can still at least advance it, lay up further than what you normally would if it was wet.

Q. Not that it's your style, but do you hit less drivers here?

JOHN DALY: No, I hit a lot of drivers here actually. I'm just a firm believer it's like Vijay always says; if you get up there with a wedge in your hand, at least you've got a chance to knock it on the green. You miss it with a 3 wood or 2 iron, you've got to lay up. I've always played that way and it's tough to change.

Q. (Inaudible).

JOHN DALY: I had my kids last week. Usually this falls on an overseas trip or a week I had them last week, my Boys and Girls Club, I had a blast. It just kind of fit in this year.

Q. What makes you so popular with fans? People are always waiting to talk to you.

JOHN DALY: They just can't believe an overweight, out of shape guy like me can walk 18 holes (laughter).

Q. Was it a challenge today?

JOHN DALY: It wasn't too bad. In Tennessee right now it's about the same, so I've kind the gotten used to it.

Q. How nice is it to come to places like this and get the reception you get everywhere?

JOHN DALY: Oh, it's wonderful. I mean, it's just nice to the fans have been through thick and thin with me and it's nice to play decent golf for them.

Q. Weekend golfers seem to be so obsessed with what golf ball they play. How much difference does it make in your mind if you went out and played with a dollar ball? What would change in your game?

JOHN DALY: I don't know. I haven't bought a golf ball in 30 years, so I don't know what they cost or (laughter). It just depends on the player. I mean, a guy a person that's just started playing golf, I believe they should use a real soft ball and learn to chip and putt around the greens. A guy that's pretty good could probably play a more firmer ball that can put spin on the ball. It just depends who the player is.

Q. Any key to putting spin on the ball?

JOHN DALY: You've just got to practice and hit it solid. Once you hit it solid you can learn how to put spin on it.

Q. Having won the British Open at St. Andrews, could you talk a little bit about the Open, going back there, what that meant to you and what that course is like?

JOHN DALY: Well, it's an awesome place. I mean, it's the only British Open that I enjoy really playing, golf course wise. I just fell in love with St. Andrews the first day I stepped on it. It's a course like most British Opens; St. Andrews is probably one of the easiest with no wind because there's not a lot to it if you keep out of pot bunkers. The other ones the greens are all tricked up on pretty much, but it's been ten years, I'm excited to go back, and I've always loved it there.

Q. Do you like an older traditional style course like this?

JOHN DALY: Oh, we all do. All the players do. We can at least have an opportunity where the fairways pretty much go to the greens. A lot of the courses we play, especially the TPC courses, you don't get all that and be able to hit driver a lot. So it's great to be back to a nice tree lined golf course, and all the players enjoy it.

Q. Is there a favorite in your mind this weekend?

JOHN DALY: Well, you've got to always count Tiger and Vijay in. You never know what the hell I'm going to do, so I'm not putting myself as a favorite (laughter).

Q. Where would you put yourself?

JOHN DALY: I'm just going to be here and try my best and whatever happens happens.

Q. You'll contend with them for galleries.

JOHN DALY: Hopefully. I know if I'm playing with one of them on Saturday or Sunday, I must be close to the lead.

Q. What's your feeling on Michelle Wie getting an exemption next week?

JOHN DALY: Where, at

Q. John Deere.

JOHN DALY: It's fine with me. It doesn't bother me. That's what's great about the tournament organizers or chairmen or whatever. They can pretty much pick whoever they want. I was very, very proud of her the way she played in the U.S. Open. It was too bad about her last round. I think she's getting closer and closer.

But that's fine. I think it's fine. I think she'll draw a lot of attention. It only helps it helps our Tour a little bit, but it helps the LPGA more than anything when she gets out there. I think it's a big memory that Annika played at Colonial that year. That's going to be a long time memory that she played really good golf. So I'm fine with it.

Q. Do you think it would be (inaudible) to have a 15 year old teenager?

JOHN DALY: Well, it could happen. She's a phenomenal player. It can happen. I'm glad I'm not playing (laughter).

Q. What is your schedule the rest of the summer?

JOHN DALY: I'm going to take next week off and play the British and then the Deutsche Bank Germany and then come back, play Flint, week off, then the PGA. I haven't really taken it from there.

End of FastScripts.

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