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August 14, 2006

Robby Ginepri


p class="MsoNormal"> THE MODERATOR: Questions, please, for Robby Ginepri.

Q. First set, what changed after that? What happened in the first set, and what went on after that?
ROBBY GINEPRI: I think the rain delay kind of hurt me. I felt pretty good, comfortably out there the first service game. Tight one. Then we had to go right in, then was in the locker room for about five minutes and really didn't know how long I was gonna be in there for. Kind of lounged out a little bit too much, came out there a little sluggish. I think I lost like the nine points coming out of that. So, you know, you can't let that happen, especially at this level.
So it was off to a slow start the first set, and then second set started playing a little bit more aggressive, serving a little bit better and going after my shots more.

Q. Obviously, you've got some rankings points to protect this week and at the Open. From a psychological standpoint, how important is it for you to approach the way you were playing at this time last summer?
ROBBY GINEPRI: If I could do that right now, I would love it. I think that's -- the way I feel out there on the court is because of these next few weeks and what's happening. You know, after this time last year I was kind of already thinking about having to come back and defend so many points, but you got to live it to learn it. You know, hopefully I won't learn it the hard way and fall out.
But I'm feeling pretty nervous out there on the court. I don't feel like it's allowing me to play the potential of my game. I don't feel like it's coming out. I don't feel like I'm moving the same. Definitely not setting up for my shots.

Q. How does that happen in tennis? Why do you feel nerves out there on the court?
ROBBY GINEPRI: I don't know. I mean, I just -- it's so mental out there, like, you know, it's 80% of the game. And, you know, I haven't had too many matches this year, especially leading up to this. I had a good run in Indy, kind of got some confidence rolling again, and took a tough loss last week.
So coming into two major tournaments I did exceptionally well last summer and not having that much confidence, it's tough to go in and do as well as I did last year.

Q. Was that nervousness there early in the season when you were taking a lot of losses in the first rounds?
ROBBY GINEPRI: I think so, after I took a bad beat in Australia after being two sets and a break. I didn't think it would hurt me too much, but I think subconsciously I was thinking about it more than I wanted to and really couldn't get over it for a few tournaments. Then kind of fell into a little downhill spiral. Then the clay came, and not the best surface, obviously. So there's a chain of events that happened.

Q. Do you feed off a positive memory when you go back to a place where you did well?
ROBBY GINEPRI: Yeah, definitely. I felt really well in Indianapolis. I felt my game was coming back around again. Even here, the courts are to my liking. Balls, same as last week. I love playing in the States, so if you have all those good, positive vibes going into a tournament, it helps your chances.

Q. You said the Australian Open sort of played mind games with you, you struggled afterwards. How important is it to get these first-round, early-round wins taken care of? Does it boost your confidence?
ROBBY GINEPRI: Yeah, especially getting the first-round wins. For me, I haven't sank my teeth into a tournament this year so much and it's because the first round is just so difficult for me. I haven't had too many matches. It's tough to get the ball rolling. Today, somehow I fought it and hopefully can keep winning this week.

Q. After what happened last year here and at the Open, I mean, was your confidence pretty high? I mean, seemed like it was up, then it kind of went down.
ROBBY GINEPRI: Yeah, the difference was -- with last year and this year was I had no expectations last year. I was playing every match and really not thinking too much into it. And now I think I've been around a little bit more. I think I've gotten smarter, which is actually hurting me, I think. It's tough out here, and you just got to play your game and not worry about anything. That's what I was doing last year.

Q. Do you try and make yourself less smart out there?
ROBBY GINEPRI: Some matches, you know, with guys like this who play a lot of slow points, play a lot of long rallies, it gives you time to think out there. But against someone like Tursunov, who I have to play tomorrow, the ball's going to be coming a bit harder and it's more of a reacting, which I play better when I just have to react and trust my instincts.

Q. Beyond yourself, who do you play for? Do you think about sponsors who might be counting on you, friends, family?
ROBBY GINEPRI: Yeah, it's in the back of my head. You know, my dad's sitting out there today. Look over at him, I know he's nervous and pulling and wishing every good possible thing to happen for me. I was out there playing for him a little bit today, seeing him. Obviously, my coach and my trainer, as well, they're going through this process with me as well. I feel like all of our hearts and thoughts are into each match, so it's tough to just go out there and think you're just playing for yourself.

Q. You're still No. 18 in the world.
ROBBY GINEPRI: It's not too bad when you stop and think, you know, of the year I've had. I've had a ton of first-round losses. Being 18 in the world, it's an amazing accomplishment, and I don't want to just stop there.

Q. Talk about your blog. You like doing it?
ROBBY GINEPRI: Yeah, it was interesting. We had a good time yesterday doing that. It's new. It's good for the fans to see what players do each day. They're always curious. I think this is a way of them getting closer to each player. I think it gives' em -- I think it will make the game a little bit better if fans know more about the players off the court and what they like to do and how they manage their day.

Q. Have you done it before this tournament?
ROBBY GINEPRI: No, that was my first time doing it.

Q. Is it going to be every day this week you're going to do it, or is it just a one-day thing?
ROBBY GINEPRI: Yeah, just a one-day...

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