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July 27, 2005

John Daly


Q. Birdie-birdie-eagle-birdie-- does that bring back any memories for you?

JOHN DALY: That was the start on Sunday last year, ya, that was a pretty good start.

Q. What is it about this course that suits you?

JOHN DALY: I think it's the kind of course that favors everybody but the longer hitters, if they hit it in the fairway, you've got such short irons in to a lot of the par-4s that you can get some good scoring going and get some confidence real early. Last year it became a putting match with me and Vijay (Singh) in the end but we both hit it really good, we hit a lot of fairways, we gave ourselves a lot of opportunities. The fairways are real wet right now so the ball's not rolling so it's playing a little longer.

Q. What's the condition of the course?

JOHN DALY: Hopefully they'll be able to cut the fairways because they haven't been able to cut them in a couple days and they're pretty high right now, they just soft and wet. If we don't get any more rain, maybe they'll be able to cut them, hopefully in the morning and hopefully they'll dry up a little bit because it is wet.

Q. Sometimes it's hard to take anything from a Pro-Am round, but can you get a bit of a carryover for tomorrow perhaps?

JOHN DALY: I hope so. I finally got my legs back from all the traveling. It's a golf course where you've got to hit fairways to give yourself good opportunities with short irons into it. You have to take advantage of the par-5s as well.

Q. You mentioned the traveling and we happen to catch a little bit of Monday night and you obviously were tired, for good reason. Can you get a boost from the fan support that you've always gotten here?

JOHN DALY: No doubt. The fans here are unbelievable. I love golf courses like this where everybody is close to together. It's kind of like Atlanta Country Club when we used to play the BellSouth Classic there. Everybody is real close and the roar on No. 2 last year on Sunday was probably one of the loudest I've heard in my life. It makes it fun.

The fans can pretty much all of the shots. Some of the golf courses we play they have to miss a couple of holes because of where they have to walk and stuff. This is a great fan golf course.

Q. Tiger is Tiger and everybody loves Tiger and that's great, but you've got to also know that if you were to win this event you'd be one of the fan-favorite champions here.

JOHN DALY: Last year was great. Me and Vijay played so good and the fan support was just unbelievable. Doing the wave on 17 on Sunday when I walked up, it's a feeling you'll always remember. The fans are great everywhere I go but the fans here are unbelievable. It's just great.

Q. You mentioned being so tired but since you do get that fan support, you took the time last night to go to Hooter's, sign autographs and meet with the fans. How important is it for you to include that in your schedule?

JOHN DALY: It's a lot of fun. It gives me a chance to, we sell a good product and we sell it not as expensive as most people do and it gets the lion out there as well as meeting some great people and getting some free chicken wings. Stuff like that, you can't beat it.

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