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July 8, 2006

Loren Roberts


MARK ROLFING: Congratulations on an incredible round of golf. Aside from shooting 62, are you aware of what you accomplished out here this afternoon?

LOREN ROBERTS: Well, I knew it was pretty low. It's got to be close probably to the lowest round in a USGA event. But that's kind of they asked me for my ball and glove already, so I knew something was up.

MARK ROLFING: It's the lowest round ever in any U.S. Open and you have tied the lowest round in any Major championship in golf, mens's or women's.

LOREN ROBERTS: Well, that kind of that kind of got me weak in the knees there, Mark, to be honest. It was a great round, everything went my way today and I hit a lot of good shots, obviously.

But the putter was on and if I did hit a bad shot I just seemed to get a good break today. So I'm just thrilled to death to be back in the chase.

MARK ROLFING: Was there a point in the round at all where you felt like you may have a chance to make history? Did you have a sense of that at all?

LOREN ROBERTS: I really wasn't thinking about it. I actually got a good break and got a decent look at 16 and got the ball on the green there.

And to make the putt at 17, I knew it had to be pretty doggone close to something special. But I really didn't think about it today. I just kept trying to hit fairways and greens and making some putts.

MARK ROLFING: And the one at 17 was really a great one.

LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah, it was good. It was just a left edge putt, and I knew if I hit it hard enough it would go right in the middle.

MARK ROLFING: Last week on the Champions Tour you had your worst finish in your career. Where did you find the light switch between New York and Kansas?

LOREN ROBERTS: Well, I think last night it was all the guys in my posse is up here with me this week and I think it was between the Rendezvous ribs and the brisket and the potato salad, somewhere there is where I found it.

MARK ROLFING: Do you look at tomorrow's final round as maybe a chance of redemption from last year?

LOREN ROBERTS: It's a little too early to tell. Obviously, Tom is playing well. This is his kind of golf course, so we'll just have to see what happens. I know we're going to play early tomorrow because of weather, but we'll just see what happens tomorrow. But I am glad I got myself back in the chase.

MARK ROLFING: Good luck tomorrow, Loren.

End of FastScripts.

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