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July 8, 2006

Allen Doyle


Q. Can you talk about 17?

ALLEN DOYLE: 17 was obviously a good hole for me. I pulled my driver a little and wasn't sure I was in the fairway, but I was and I hit a heck of a 3 wood. I think we had 248 hitting in there about 12 feet, and I had an uphill left center putt that I felt that I could be real aggressive with, and I was and I made it.

Q. Can you just before you came off you talked about the 18th green being a lot harder than what it looked as far as getting a read, and obviously it jumped up and bit you there.

ALLEN DOYLE: Yeah, we my a caddie and I, our teamwork isn't there where we should have ID'd that spot as a bad spot. I knew it was there, but I'm thinking, executing the shot, and I we should have had red flag on that left spot.

It would have changed the shot entirely, and we didn't. And it's that's just it isn't so much that you make the bogey. It's how you make it. And it just kind of is stupid, really. And, you know, but, you know, you got to forget about it.

Q. You and Morris seemed to birdie 12 and that seemed to give you both a little momentum.

ALLEN DOYLE: We may have. I bogeyed 11, so I so it was good. Good for me to get back there. I hit a good shot where it went a little too far. It seems that I hit a 4 iron off there today and it went as far as the other club, so and the tree was almost in my way. But I hit a good shot in there and Morris made his, and I actually did kind of say to myself, Well, if he can make three here, I ought to be able to make three. So, yeah, that may have got us started a little, yeah.

Q. Last year you came from way way back to win; this year you're going to be right there in the hunt at the end. Can you sort of talk about how happy you are with that position?

ALLEN DOYLE: Well, I don't know if happy is the word. Expectations are kind of high when I come here, but I'm certainly pleased. Tomorrow is tomorrow. So it's one thing to be happy after Saturday and it's something else to be happy after Sunday. So that's what we're after.

But tomorrow will be a tough day. Everybody's going to be rooting for Tom, so we'll have to go out there and scratch and claw as best we can and see what can happen.

Q. Loren Roberts 62 today. Did you think that kind of score was out there?

ALLEN DOYLE: Well, yeah, that doesn't surprise me. Like I said all week, the wind didn't really howl today, so and there were a lot of good scores today. When I got out here and got to the putting green I saw Andy Bean was a bunch under and there were a bunch of guys I think Wargo turned 7, 4, or 5 under, so you had a feeling that either the USGA screwed up and they made it too easy today, or it was a day that you could score.

That's not a bad mindset when you get to the course. If you see other guys scoring well, then you feel that you can score well.

Q. How much was getting familiar with the course have to do with it?

ALLEN DOYLE: That's a big help, too. You got a little better feel for how the holes are playing, what the wind's doing. The wind's been pretty well standard the last three days, so you get a little better feel for your iron shots into the green and you don't feel you got to force something like a hole on 16 there where the wind is coming across against you. You got a pretty good feel now of playing in this wind for several days of how the ball is going to react in that wind.

Q. What would you guess pin placements might be tomorrow, especially maybe in response to the scores today?

ALLEN DOYLE: Oh, I don't ever guess that stuff. More times than not I'm wrong. So I'll just I think anybody that obviously if you were four or five back you got to you have to pick out a 66 or no, a 64 or 63 in that in that zone, to come back. But I like to play it as it goes and see what's doing. And go from there.

Q. Can you talk about the atmosphere tomorrow playing with Tom.

ALLEN DOYLE: Oh, it will be happening, I guess. It will be I'm going to have my wife quiz a couple of people to see if they know who else is playing in the group. But it ought to be that's what it's about here. I certainly hope if I was playing in my home state that they would be out here going crazy for me, and so that's what you got to expect and you got to try feed off it.

Q. Is that a situation you've been in before? And can you take that to your advantage?

ALLEN DOYLE: Well, I haven't been in I haven't been in those two that spot too many times. So it will be I played with Tom one day in Kansas City at the first course that I played at there when Dana Quigley beat him by a shot. I played with him on Saturday and it was you know, it was kind of hairy where they were yelling, but, hey, that's what it is. And as I say, you hope to build off that.

End of FastScripts.

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