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July 7, 2006

Bob Gilder


Q. 3 under par for the day.

BOB GILDER: I don't want Inman interviewing me. Anybody but him. Nobody has any questions.

Q. Oh, wait. Oh, yeah. Good finish. You got started smooth in the beginning, but what a bang up finish in a tough afternoon.

BOB GILDER: I started great. To start out with I went I think I birdied two out of the first three and then made double bogey. I made a hit a pretty good shot on the par 3. Was it the fourth hole? I don't know.

Q. Number three.

BOB GILDER: Is it 4? Yeah, I hit 8 iron. I hit it was 171 yards to the hole. We thought it was a crosswind, which, you know, the hole before was going dead across and we hit an 8 iron and it hit and it bounced to the right and it went up on the top of the fringe.

I had no shot. I should have just chipped it back on the green 25 feet away. But I went for it and ended up having to make my making it a real difficult hole. Make a long story short, I made about a 12 footer for a double, so...

Q. Let's look on the real bright side I'm counting up nine birdies.

BOB GILDER: Nine or eight?

Q. Well, when we give that last one at 18.

BOB GILDER: Whatever. I'm glad I made eight birdies, because I offset about half of them. If you ask me what holes I made them on, you know, I can tell you a few, but not many. I was up and down so much. But when I hit the ball good, I hit it close most of the day. So I hit the ball very good.

Q. How close were you hitting it? We weren't on all afternoon, but what was your range of the birdies?

BOB GILDER: Oh, geez. I don't know. I had some that were 10 feet; I had some that were two feet. No real bombs, no. I just hit the ball within makeable distance a lot.

When I did make bogey, it was probably because I hit it in the rough off the tee and I just didn't have a shot. But that's what that's the way this one goes. I was just fortunate I made a lot of birdies. I was hitting it good the other way.

Q. Sometimes you can feel these things, did you feel a good one coming?

BOB GILDER: You never know on a golf course like this. You can hit good shots and end up in that rough. You got to guess half the time what you're doing off the tee and hope that it's right. Just like that 8 iron from 171. It must have been a little more downwind than we thought.

But, shoot, that's a long 8 iron. I flew it past the hole and it bounced up in the rough. But, you know, you got to avoid mistakes like that. That's not saying that was a real mistake. It was more like it was a misjudgment of some sort. You never expect to hit the ball that far on a crosswind, uphill on a crosswind.

And you know, I'm playing with two guys that really hit the ball long and they both hit nine irons a little past the pin. So I knew it afterwards. But I was the guinea pig, so and, Hey, you know, I played well today. Put it that way. I felt good over the ball and I played well. I wasn't out there running scared. I was aggressive, and that's the way it has to be.

I found in these kind of tournaments you got to be aggressive with your golf swing. To the shots you want to hit. You can't be tentative, because things are going off side ways when you're tentative.

Q. Almost everybody it seems this week has said good things about the course despite its difficulty. Does that help get a good round like you did today, the fact that people seem to like the course despite its challenges?

BOB GILDER: I don't care what they think. All that matters is what I think if I'm going to play well. I like the golf course. I don't particularly like the way it's set up. I don't think they I don't think the golf course needs this kind of rough. This golf course could have two inch rough and still stand on its own. It doesn't need this six or eight inch rough.

Q. Two inch rough and then go to the native grass?

BOB GILDER: Two to three inch rough is plenty. Shoot, you can't control it out of there anyway. But you're not pitching it out sideways half the time. The fairways are narrow enough so it's just and some of the holes were set up I thought were cut poorly. The fairways were cut poorly in the wrong spot.

Like on 17 they give you half the fairway there. And the other half is like this (Indicating). And so that's going to kill your drive if you hit it down the middle. It's going to roll off into the heavy rough. It should be, you know, a couple of maybe should have been more to the side a little bit. Where it's a little flatter. I don't know. But that always happens at the U.S. Open and things like that.

But the golf course is a tough golf course. It's just a tough golf course. If you're not if you're not standing up there feeling good about your shot, you're not going to hit it very close. Yesterday, why, I hit it close at all. It seemed like I was always hitting it past the hole. I'm hitting it very long for some reason. I was hitting my irons long.

I couldn't ever get it close, but I made some adjustments today. The wind was a little bit different today. Just a little bit different angle. So I went into the day feeling confident.

Q. How about that par, we got you for 20 putts, I was just wondering, obviously?

BOB GILDER: 20 putts?

Q. Yeah.

BOB GILDER: Yeah, I think you missed a few holes. I don't know.

Q. I was just wondering, you obviously made quite a few were the guys in your group asking you to save a few for them or anything?

BOB GILDER: No, they didn't seem to think I was making a whole lot of putts. I don't know. I don't think so. They didn't say anything to me. I don't know. Hey, anybody that says I'm a great putter, they can keep saying it, baby. All right. Thanks.

End of FastScripts.

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