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August 19, 1999

Ben Curtis


LES UNGER: We have Ben Curtis, who has won both of his matches, 2-1, 2-up. You're two opponents were --

BEN CURTIS: John Merrick and Justin Bolli.

LES UNGER: Were you ahead all the time in both or how did it swing?

BEN CURTIS: Yeah, the first match, I was up pretty much the whole time. And then we just stayed pretty steady all day. We jumped up and down. He won a hole; I won a hole. It went back and forth. But I mainly stayed 3 to 2-up. The second match, I was 2-up early, and then we were all square after 11 holes. And it pretty much stayed right there until the end. And I parred 17 to go 1-up, to go on the last hole, which was a big relief, knowing that you can afford a slight mistake. But not really, because all --

LES UNGER: You played on the Amateur circuit. How would you compare with being in the Final 8 versus -- have you ever been this far along on a major event?

BEN CURTIS: In the Western Amateur two weeks ago, I finished 4th in qualifying, and lost first round. But nothing to this caliber. I've been playing pretty well all summer. I played really well this week so far.

LES UNGER: What's getting better?

BEN CURTIS: I'm hitting the ball actually better this week. I started off with just a hot putter and that was it. But now it's basically hitting it pretty well.

Q. Both rounds 2-1?

BEN CURTIS: Well, the first one was 2-1, and the second one was 2-up.

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