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May 25, 2006

Rick Rhoden


Q. Mr. Rhoden, this is your third PGA Championship, finishing the day at 1 over. You have to feel pretty good about the way you played today and what are your hopes for the rest of the tournament?

RICK RHODEN: Well, I hope I play the rest as good as I played today. I should have shot about 4 under today. I played really good. I got careless on a couple, I let a couple get away and then just missed a couple real makeable putts like five or six feet. But anything around par is pretty good. This is a hard golf course.

Q. You said that you felt like you could have finished in the red, what are some things that you will hope to do differently tomorrow to allow yourself to make even a better score?

RICK RHODEN: Well, I think it always comes down to putting usually. If you the better you putt, the better you score. You always feel like you should make more putts.

I hit a lot of greens in regulation, I was only in trouble maybe one time all day, once or twice, so on this course, that's good.

Q. I would like to transition this over, you knew it would be coming, into baseball. First of all, the obvious question is your pairing with Mr. Tettleton. How did this relationship come about and tell us a little bit about it.

RICK RHODEN: Well, I played against him near the end of my career, he's younger than I am. But we had the same baseball agent and that's how we met. And we basically have become friends through golf. So he lives out here and he's caddied for me a few times, and he's a member out here, and it makes it a lot more comfortable when you can stay at a home, instead of a hotel.

Q. You mentioned a little bit that your careers overlapped slightly, what do you remember most about him as a baseball player with you on the mound trying to get him out?

RICK RHODEN: Well, I didn't face him that much, you know, he had a lot of power and off me, better left handed and most left handers are low ball hitters, and he was no different. So I tried to keep it from being down low where he liked it.

Q. Do you know at the time that he would be a good caddy later in life?

RICK RHODEN: No, I was having a hard enough time trying to figure out how to get him out. But Mickey is, the caddieing part of this, he can help me, but I think it's more or less a friend thing, we're out here having a good time and hopefully we'll play well.

Q. I guess part of the caddy's main job not only to know the golf course, but to keep the golfer relaxed and focused, and you feel that your relationship with Mickey allows you to do that?

RICK RHODEN: Well, it doesn't hurt anything, and he's too big to argue with, so, you know, I'm not going to be arguing with him. It's just like pitching, the catcher suggests the pitch, you have the final decision, same as golf. I'll ask him what he thinks and the final decision is mine. So if I do something wrong, I'm the one with the club, so I'm the one at fault.

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