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July 15, 2006

Patrick Sheehan


TODD BUDNICK: Welcome Patrick Sheehan after 5 under 66 at the John Deere Classic. No bogeys today, nice round. You put yourself into contention for the final round.

PATRICK SHEEHAN: I had another good day. Somewhat mistake free. It was another good day.

Q. Still looking for that first win, talk about mindset.

PATRICK SHEEHAN: Well, mindset tomorrow is pretty easy. Three back, it's not like I'm sleeping on the lead. I still have to play aggressively. I will be with John, which is nice. I get to see how he is doing. Mindset wise I have to go out and still play aggressively.

Q. In your opinion low scores to be had again tomorrow?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: I think so. The greens are firming up, the course is firming up. Still going to see a lot of birdies. You will see a guy shoot maybe 7 or 8 under par. It is firming up, but it is still soft.

Q. You came back after yesterday's 66 with today's round. What was different about it?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: Today was different. I birdied the first two holes today. I got off to a nice start. Yesterday I got off to a horrible shot so you know, from the start it was different and I didn't really get going until about the 8th hole. I made four or five birdies coming in from the 8th hole yesterday.

Q. Did you come here with a different idea given the strength of field?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: No. The strength of field stuff is it doesn't matter who is playing. The guy who wins this tournament will shoot something really low no matter who is here. If you put Vijay in the mix, he will be up by the lead but he will not be running away with it, either.

Strength of field, I know what you mean, but you still have to go out and play great to win.

Q. Obviously you would like to have the lead. Do you like being in a position where you cannot sleep on the lead and come back?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: You know what, I like where I am. I like to be closer. I won one Nationwide event. I had a five shot lead on Saturday night. I didn't sleep, you just go out and try not to screw up. That is the mindset you get when you don't sleep the night before. I like being behind a little bit. Hopefully I'll just keep playing well.

Q. At this point in the year do you find yourself looking at Money Lists and that sort of deal?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: You know, I will peek at them. I am not much of a Money List watcher. I mean, I have struggled this year so I know why where I stand. I have been working hard and seeing good things in the last few weeks. But you know, it is hard out here. You have got to play great to keep your job. If guys that don't finish in the top, they didn't do well enough. That is fact of life out here. You know, I can live with it as long as I put in the work I think I should be putting into it

Q. What about the all the things that could change with the big round tomorrow? British Open berth, Ryder Cup points?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: You win out here and it changes everybody's life. It gets you to tournaments that not everybody gets to play in. Gets you a two year pass. Definitely a life changing event, I am sure. I can't speak from experience. I am sure if you talk to guys that have, it has changed their lives.

Q. In order to win tomorrow, what do you have to do? What strengths do you you have that will come into play?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: Right now I am driving the ball pretty straight. I think I only missed one green today. I was three inches off the 12th hole on the fringe. I am hitting the ball pretty well. But for me, tomorrow you have to stay out of your own way, and keep doing what you have been doing to get in this position. I have been on both sides of the coin where some days you can't stay out of your own way. It is a thought process the whole day. You have to tell yourself to look it as just another round of golf.

Q. If the British spot was made available for you tomorrow, would you definitely go?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: No. I would go to BC.

Q. Why?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: Well, couple of reasons. Mostly family. They are going home. I am committed to BC. I just haven't given it much thought. I can probably say with 90 accuracy I would not go.

I think given the time it would take to prepare, I am getting over there late I know Sean O'Hair did it last year and did great.

I just probably wouldn't go.

Q. You know Mark Hensby had a hard time when he decided not to take it?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: He did. That is just me. Everybody is different. You know, if you win this tournament, chances are you are going to play good enough to get in next year. I don't know. But for me personally, I don't travel well. I have made no I told my wife I wouldn't go; I told my dad I wouldn't go. For me to go to that tournament I would have to be in it previously to make arrangements to go.

If I were in it, I would be over there right now, I think.

Q. Do you have a passport?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: I had to reissue one, redo one because it expired, God, a couple of years ago when we were going to Canada. They told me we can't get into Canada this year without a passport.

Q. Do you have it here?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: No. I did it it takes six to eight weeks, or something. It should be in the mail at home.

Q. Looking back at tomorrow, did you get confidence out of the fact that there are a lot of first time winners here?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: Oh yeah. Look at the leaderboard, and it is full of guys that haven't won. I haven't seen the whole leaderboard. But anybody on it has got a chance. There is a million stories out there tomorrow. You can have a guy 7 under and win. You can have John Senden shoot 7 under and win. This tournament is known for first time winners. I would love to be one. John would love to be one. Daniel Chopra is close by. He made a ridiculous par on the last hole.

Q. What is it about this course that suits your game well?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: Greens, I think, number one. I grew up on greens very similar to this in Rhode Island. There is poanna there. There are very similar. This is just bent grass. This course is fun to play. I mean, I love coming here.

I like going to Hartford, even though that is close to home. We have a handful of TPCs there are a blast to come out and play, and this is one of them.

Q. Let's go through your birdies?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: Sure. 1st hole, I had nice 3 wood off the tee. Pitching wedge from 124, I hit it three feet.

2nd hole, I hit my tee shot left side of the fairway. I laid up with a 8 iron and hit a sand wedge about five feet.

Then I birded the 5th hole, hit it real close there. Hit a driver in the fairway, hit a 8 iron couple of feet there.

Then number 11, hit 2 iron off that tee, and 5 iron about 20 feet, I guess. It went left of the hole little long, so it was downhill, 20 footer.

13, I hit driver off that hole. We hit 138, 9 iron to the back of the green. I had a 25 footer and made that.

MODERATOR: Thank you, Patrick.


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