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August 27, 2003

Ben Curtis


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Congratulations on getting married last week. Life has been changing quickly for you. You played great last week with all of the extra activities that were going on and you've continued to perform well. Why don't you just talk about this week, and then we'll go into questions.

BEN CURTIS: Yeah, this week I'm just looking forward to getting back out and playing again. It's been a long month, but it went by quick, a lot of stuff in a month's span, but just really looking forward to going back out and playing again. It just feels nice when I'm out there.

Q. Has your life changed more than you thought it would and how has it changed?

BEN CURTIS: Well, I don't think it changed more than I thought it would but I knew it would be a dramatic change. It's been a lot of fun and I'm just enjoying it. One day I wanted to be at this level and it just happened so soon. But it's been a lot of fun and I'm just looking forward to the future.

Q. From what perspective has it changed the most?

BEN CURTIS: Just the media attention and just the fans that know me more; whereas, before I could kind of just go where I would like and nobody would recognize me, but now that's not the case.

Q. Can you eat at a restaurant now without being recognized?

BEN CURTIS: Depends where you're at. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Q. Is the honeymoon officially over?

BEN CURTIS: The honeymoon? No, it hasn't started yet. It's been good. I've just been trying to enjoy myself and just take it one week at a time and not really worry about anything, just go out there and have fun and enjoy myself.

Q. When was the official wedding?

BEN CURTIS: Hopefully we are going to go somewhere next week and that's it. Going to go spend a few days by ourselves and have a good time.

Q. (Inaudible.)

BEN CURTIS: I try not to look at it differently from my standpoint, but I know the expectations are a little bit higher. I just go out there and try to play the best I can, whether it's 50th or first, I'm going to try every shot, and whatever it takes that week, then that's what it's going to be. I'm not going to try to worry about anything. I'm just going to try to have fun and not really think about where I stand, just try to concentrate on one shot at a time.

Q. When did you look at that Cup and see the other names on it and realize what club you had joined?

BEN CURTIS: I think the next morning when we got up, it was an unbelievable feeling to wake up, just, "Did that really happen?" But I knew could I do it and it was a lot of fun. I was just out there having a good time.

I had a good playing partner on Sunday which was nice. We went around like we were just buddies and just having a good time and not until the back nine where it sunk in that, hey, we could win this thing.

Q. Inaudible help you around the putting green?

BEN CURTIS: She helps out a little bit, just the fundamental stuff. She knows what I do, there's tendencies that I have that I do, every week and she'll just say, hey, try this.

Q. How did you convince her to have the wedding in inaudible?

BEN CURTIS: Well, we decided that we're going to play in France and it was kind of like, well, we'll do something in between.

Q. Are your expectations higher now?

BEN CURTIS: Very high. I mean, I haven't hit the ball as good as I'd like the last few weeks, but the confidence is still there and I think that's why I played decently in a couple of tournaments. Hopefully I'll start driving the ball a little bit better, and once do I that, I feel like I can compete.

Q. Do you feel any additional pressure?

BEN CURTIS: No. I try not to. I know the crowds are a little bit different once they especially if I'm in contention, but I try not to worry about it. I just go out there and play. And some days, it's on; and some days, it's not.

Q. (Inaudible.)

BEN CURTIS: I gave her a present while she was getting ready, I just went down to the front desk and had them pull up a car and that was it. She didn't have to do anything. She just walked out and there it was the car, yes. I bought it that week.

Q. Her reaction?

BEN CURTIS: She was surprised.

Q. For the wedding?


Q. Would you talk about that Saturday, what it was like, the logistics of getting her here, there, from the course, the tournament?

BEN CURTIS: Well, the morning wasn't too bad. I got to sleep in a little bit, got some rest. But then I couldn't really sleep, though, the night before; I was a little nervous. And then I got a little more nervous because I knew it was coming up. But then just took a shower, hopped in the police car and got escorted right to the church.

Q. What is more inaudible golf or the altar?

BEN CURTIS: Altar. You only do that once. I play golf , how many rounds.

Q. Have you got to know Tiger a little bit?

BEN CURTIS: Yeah, I've been able to sit down and talk to him a few times, but not an extreme amount of times. He's been a gentleman and been a lot of fun to hang around with for a few minutes, but for the most part, he's still the story of golf.

Q. (Inaudible.)

BEN CURTIS: Bought a Mercedes convertible. We have just been basically cleaning the house from all of the wedding presents. We've got one room that's piled up to the ceiling. So we've just been trying to get her moved in. So it's been pretty hectic with that. So just been basically haven't left the house in two days.

Q. When did you get in?

BEN CURTIS: Came here this morning.

Q. Seen the course?

BEN CURTIS: I haven't played it yet. I'll tell you tomorrow.

Q. (Inaudible.)

BEN CURTIS: Actually, when we set the date, I had just asked IMG if I win the PGA Championship that year, just in case I get in, that was one of the dates. We had three or four dates picked so we just picked the next week. At the time we didn't know it was NEC and Akron. We thought maybe it might be out west.

We were going to do it anyway. Doesn't matter if I was going to play or not.

Q. (Inaudible.)

BEN CURTIS: Oh, yeah, we set it a year and a half before. It was nice playing at home. We had a good time just being able to stay in our own beds, have a good week. She was very busy. For me, I was busy, too, but more or less, it was nice to play in front of home fans.

Q. How long did it take you to get there?

BEN CURTIS: About 20 minutes, depends on traffic.

Q. (Inaudible.)

BEN CURTIS: It would have been something special, but I just she's always wanted a convertible, so that's what I got her.

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