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July 22, 2006

Jenny Shin


THE MODERATOR: We welcome the 2006 U.S. Girls' Junior Champion, Jenny Shin. Jenny, first of all, how do you feel about winning?

JENNY SHIN: I feel special and I feel honored, and, yeah.

Q. How many 3 woods did you hit today, a lot?

JENNY SHIN: I hit 3 wood on the playoff, and two par 5s.

Q. On your second shot?


Q. You were hitting a lot of woods, fairway woods. How many fairway woods do you carry?


Q. So 9, 7?


Q. So was it frustrating that you were always like 40, 50 yards behind Vicky all the day?

JENNY SHIN: No, I didn't really care about how far she hits, because you know, I thought if I get it on with a wedge and stick it, she might get frustrated and do worse, you know. Actually she did on No. 3.

Q. She got frustrated?

JENNY SHIN: Yeah, I was like 30 yards behind her, and I hit it about two feet and then she put hers in the bunker.

Q. What did you hit?

JENNY SHIN: I had a 6 iron.

Q. 6 iron?


Q. When she got a little bit tense missing putts, can you elaborate on that?

JENNY SHIN: She didn't say anything. She didn't say anything. I just saw her face, a little reddish than normal and I saw anger in her face.

Q. And you thought you had an advantage on that hole because she had been missing putts?

JENNY SHIN: I don't really I don't understand.

Q. Did you feel you had an advantage on the last hole No. 15 because you had just made that comeback, that maybe you had a little momentum?

JENNY SHIN: Well, I really didn't think about anything else except for, just hit the fairway. Because No. 15 was I always have trouble with my tee shot on that hole, like getting in the bunkers.

Q. And she's sort of an emotional player and you showed some emotion on some holes when things weren't going your way, are you generally like that?

JENNY SHIN: I'm more like it at important moments. Because I was mad on holes that I missed the short putts and I was pretty confident about it the whole week because I was making them. I never miss the short putts. And I missed like two short putts that got us back to all square or made it a tie.

Q. Your caddie mentioned on 18 you were getting a little frustrated, needing a 2 putt to win, do you remember what he said?

JENNY SHIN: Most of the time he's really quietish and I don't really listen to what anybody says, so I said "excuse me," once. When I saw her make his putt, I knew it was going down.

Q. First putt on 18?

JENNY SHIN: Yeah, when I saw her long putt.

Q. Where it was, not when she putted you mean?

JENNY SHIN: Yeah, because I kind of went like around her putt, around her lie and saw it.

Q. She still needed to make a 10 foot putt to win the match right there?


Q. What was going through your head, and what was your reaction when you saw her miss that putt?

JENNY SHIN: It was I think it was a pretty easy putt if you just hit it, like fade it, like no break, not so much break. I thought she would make it and I was like, oh, she won. But she was a little short.

Q. When you saw she was short what was your reaction and what was going through your head?

JENNY SHIN: I was confident with that short putt. So I thought, okay.

Q. Were you surprised at the way she played on that playoff hole?

JENNY SHIN: No. I was surprised she hit it in the water on the second shot, but I was not surprised at her tee shot because that could happen to anyone in a playoff. And I don't think she would want to lose. I can see it.

Q. You'll be a freshman in high school in the fall?


Q. What high school?

JENNY SHIN: Warren (ph).

Q. Public school, right?


Q. Are you friend with James inaudible?


Q. You probably will be soon.


Q. Who do you think will be the No. 1 player on the team next year?

JENNY SHIN: I don't know.

Q. Were you surprised that she conceded to you before she got on the green?

JENNY SHIN: Yeah, I kind of gave her that look, like who he, why is she giving me this putt, because it was a pretty hard putt, a lot of breaks and a little tier right between my putt.

So yeah, you don't know what's going to happen. Like if she's lucky she might hit it in from that bunker and I might 3 putt that putt. You don't know. I kind of wanted to finish the hole but she just gave it to me. I think she gave up.

Q. How far was that putt away for you?

JENNY SHIN: I think about in the high 30s.

Q. How long was your putt on 18 to win the hole?

JENNY SHIN: It was about four feet, three feet.

Q. Yesterday you were dealing a lot with a headache and feeling can dizzy. How did you feel today?

JENNY SHIN: I didn't feel very tired; I wasn't nervous, I'm not hungry.

Q. Are you surprised that you weren't nervous?

JENNY SHIN: Because when I saw yes, I can see beat Nina, I was like, oh, she's going to be a tough player. And I kind of thought she was going to win. I thought it was like, like almost half of the people knew that Vicky was going to win, like a lot of fans. Like every time she would hit her drive, people would say, go Vicky and they all scream.

And I hit about pretty much the same and they just clap. I just feel like, oh, I'm a loaner.

Q. So you felt like an underdog?


Q. We mentioned outside that you're the second youngest champion in this. How do you feel about that?

JENNY SHIN: I thought I could be like the players out there on the LPGA. I feel proud of myself.

Q. And you know who the youngest is, right?


Q. Who is that?

JENNY SHIN: Aree Song.

Q. And what year? I'm just kidding. 1999.


Q. I know you mentioned you didn't hear much from your caddie, was there any advice he gave you to on the greens today?

JENNY SHIN: He always usually says, oh, it's okay, every time I do something, it's: "Okay, calm down, you'll make it up the next hole." And he helped me with club selection, on a few holes.

Q. Did he help to calm you down at all?

JENNY SHIN: Yeah, like sometimes he'll just like make me laugh and yeah.

Q. How would he make you laugh? What would he say?

JENNY SHIN: Like Michelle Shin, you know, she's a really fun girl, and she said something to me that we all laughed, made us all laugh and he kind of repeated what she said to me today that made me laugh.

Q. What was it that she said?

JENNY SHIN: Aahh ...

Q. You'd rather not say?

JENNY SHIN: Yeah. (Laughter).

Q. So what time did you go to bed last night with the early wake up call?

JENNY SHIN: Like I was supposed to check out on Friday and but now that I came over here, we pushed everything back and got a new hotel, watched me watched my me on TV and that took a long time at and then at the restaurant it was about 9:50.

Q. 9:50 when you went to bed?


Q. When did your alarm go off this morning?


Q. So what was it like watching yourself on TV?

JENNY SHIN: I mean, I looked really bad when I was interviewing and my swing was happy, and so many of my friends called me, like, your swing

Q. Congratulations, that's all they said?

JENNY SHIN: Oh, after they said that, I was like, don't call me.

Q. What does this do for you, for your confidence?

JENNY SHIN: Actually, winning this, will be harder for me because I have some things that I have to do better, like now that I came up this high, I can't go down. I have to go higher and higher, so I have to practice more and concentrate and, yeah.

Q. You look tired just thinking about it. (Laughter) What hotel did you move to?

JENNY SHIN: I'm staying at Extended Stay hotels.

Q. Do you know what street?

JENNY SHIN: It's on the Carmel Street.

Q. Where did you stay earlier in the week?

JENNY SHIN: I was on Mason Farm Road, the Ramada Limited.

Q. Can you talk a little about how you got into golf, when you came to the States?

JENNY SHIN: My grandfather bought a building and my dad was like working there in the off range that was inside the building.

So like when he was here and there was this huge, I don't know what you call it, you just hit into it. My dad was there every day, and I went there pretty much every day with him, too. And then I got interested in golf and then since Korea is like really expensive, I think you told you this, so I came here.

Q. And you were how old when you came here?


Q. Now, does your dad own the range, work at the range or you just went and hit ball there is every day?


Q. Your grandfather owned the building and your dad worked at the building?


Q. And you just tagged along?


Q. So your dad is at home in California then?

JENNY SHIN: He works.

Q. But your dad, he's in California?

JENNY SHIN: Yeah, he's in California.

Q. Is he watching you on line?

JENNY SHIN: Yeah. Like one day I was 4 up, he was all excited and then he kept watching and I was like going down, two, three, one, and he was like, oh my God and was like shocked and nervous. Like, oh, my God, watching this.

Q. Does he travel that much with you?

JENNY SHIN: He never travels with me.

Q. What does he do in California?

JENNY SHIN: He works.

Q. What does he do?

JENNY SHIN: He designs hats, makes hats, sells hats.

Q. Like baseball caps?

JENNY SHIN: Yeah, but like yeah. He does it in downtown. I don't know what kind of hats he's making.

Q. Hatmaker?

JENNY SHIN: Yeah. I mean, like he has a hat, he has to design it and they put it in and they sell it.

Q. Do you wear any of his hats?

JENNY SHIN: No. (Laughter).

Q. So have you talked to your dad yet?

JENNY SHIN: Yeah, every day.

Q. Since you won have you talked to him?


Q. What did he say?

JENNY SHIN: He's like, I think he said oh, he said did you win, when I go to the airport, I'll bring you a hundred roses.

Q. Roses?

JENNY SHIN: Yeah, roses.

Q. So you're expecting your roses tomorrow?

JENNY SHIN: Yes, I will. I will be.

Q. Does he buy you roses that often?


Q. First time?

JENNY SHIN: Yeah. I have a good dad.

Q. And now that you're in the Women's Amateur, you now get an exemption into the Women's Amateur. I know it's short notice, but do you have any intentions on playing?

JENNY SHIN: I have no idea.

Q. Did your mom cook you anything last night?

JENNY SHIN: No, we were out of food completely, out of everything. Yeah, just like in the practice round, round one.

Q. And you were out to eat the rest of the time?


Q. Did you run out of clothes earlier in the week?

JENNY SHIN: No, I did that yesterday, too.

Q. So you planned on leaving on Friday?

JENNY SHIN: I mean, we had the flight on Saturday.

Q. You had to buy two new shirts to wear yesterday and today?


End of FastScripts.

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