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May 26, 2006

Nancy Scranton


PAM WARNER: Nancy, thanks for coming in and joining us again today. You're just one shot off the lead. You played well again. Just talk about your day.

NANCY SCRANTON: I did. I played pretty well. I wasn't quite as solid early today as I was yesterday, although I was hitting a lot of greens and hitting fairways, it wasn't quite as solid as I would like, but it got better as the day went on. I started hitting it really well toward the end. So that was good.

I had some chances I didn't make today. I think I was on the wrong side of the hole a few times today. Instead of having a real good putt at it, I had to be a little defensive on some of my putts. So overall, I'm very pleased.

PAM WARNER: What are your thoughts going into the weekend just one shot off the lead?

NANCY SCRANTON: It's great. You just try to get as many as you can and just try to go one hole at a time. There's a lot of golf left. But I feel pretty good right now. Like I said, I finished swinging at it much better than I did early in the round, so that's always a good thing.

PAM WARNER: Can we go over your scorecard?

NANCY SCRANTON: Sure. I started on 10. I'm sure in the stats it looks like I missed the first two greens, but I was right on the fringe on both of them, so I didn't hit two bad shots. So I just parred both of those.

15, par 3, I had about 120. It was a left to right wind. I hit a pretty small 9 iron, because I knew if I hit pitching wedge it would hit the ridge and spin back. I wanted to hit a little shot and hit it about 12 feet. It was a very nice shot. I hit it to about 12 feet and made that.

17, I hit 3 wood off the tee. I had a really good tee shot and pulled my second shot a little bit. So I had a 30 footer above the hole and actually misread it. I thought it was going to break more to the right at the end and it stayed out about three feet and just didn't hit a very good putt.

PAM WARNER: What did you hit off with?

NANCY SCRANTON: 3 wood, 9 iron. So I three putted that.

Then 18, I putted from the fringe again. I got it up and down, but it was a putt, only about 25 feet from the pin.

No. 2, I hit driver, 4 iron to about 35 feet, pin high right and 2 putted.

The next hole, I missed my 5 iron. A little weak shot to the right just off the green and chipped it to about three feet. That was a good par there.

5, I hit 3 wood again off the tee and hit my rescue club to about 25 feet and hit a good putt, just short, easy birdie.

Then I hit it pretty close on the next two holes. Hit good putts, just nothing went in. Neither one of them went in.

8, I thought I hit a pretty good drive, but that wind carried it to the right. I think all three of us got fooled by the wind there. I hit it just over the green, and hit a nice chip to about four feet and made that.

I hit 5 wood off the tee on 8. I had 147 to the pin. With that club there was almost no way to stop it unless I bounced it up the hill. So I ended up about 30 feet past the pin. Heather Young was about two feet from my ball and she had to putt first. So she gave me a good look at it and hit a really good putt and it went in. I told her I owed her a margarita, but then she said I helped her on her read on 17 so we were even.

Q. [There are a lot of young fans]

NANCY SCRANTON: I think it's great. We're seeing so many kids at our tournaments now. I think they're really excited. The First Tee program is great. I think kids are getting excited. With all the young players on our tour, I think there's so much publicity about it. And then obviously Tiger has done so much with getting kids interested. I think it's great. Hopefully they will be fans for.

Q. Did you talk to Jane about staying an extra month?

NANCY SCRANTON: We're discussing that right now and it's not looking too bad, actually.

Q. How does the course compare to yesterday morning?

NANCY SCRANTON: Not really a whole lot different. It was a little wet in some places. It's just a little heavier, the air was just a little bit heavier today. But it didn't seem to play too different to me today.

Q. You're going to be one of the last pairings out tomorrow. Is that going to help you?

NANCY SCRANTON: I know that the forecast is probably better in the afternoon. I don't know if it's changed or not. It looks like as the day goes on tomorrow, it might be getting a little bit better. That's a good thing if it's true.

Q. When you jump out into the lead, like you did in the first round, how satisfying is it to maybe you didn't get the ideal round, but you're still right in the thick of things and to carry that over?

NANCY SCRANTON: It's nice. It's nice to follow up a really because it was a pretty hot round yesterday since I did make seven birdies and an eagle. That's a lot of stuff going on in the round. It was good to be solid today. The front nine I was more solid. I hit some good shots, but I didn't feel as on as I would have liked. But then it was good to kind of finish the way I did, ball striking wise.

PAM WARNER: Thank you, Nancy.

End of FastScripts.

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