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May 25, 2006

Nancy Scranton


PAM WARNER: Nancy, thanks for coming in and joining us today. You're currently in the lead at 7 under. Just talk about your day.

NANCY SCRANTON: I hit it quite well today. It's funny how sometimes you have a really good day how easy it seems.

Yeah, I drove it quite well. I missed two fairways, and those were my two bogeys. So other than that, I drove it really well and had a lot of birdie opportunities. It was just pretty easy, or pretty nice.

PAM WARNER: Let's go over your scorecard.

NANCY SCRANTON: I started out on No. 1, and that was one of the fairways I missed. I didn't get a real good visual, I don't think, and cut my tee shot a little too much and I think it hit the tree and came down underneath the tree. So I had to chip it out. I hit a sand wedge to about 8 feet and missed it. So I still gave myself a chance to make par there.

No. 2, I hit a pretty good drive. I think I had about 190 to the pin and hit my rescue club. It was right on the front left fringe. I actually chipped that in.

My husband, Mark, is caddieing for me, caddies for me, Mark Williams, and we were talking about it. I could have putted it. I knew I would get it up and down if I putted it, but I told him I really felt like I could make it if I chipped it, so I did. It was kind of fun to call my shot. So that was good. That was kind of nice.

I hit 3 wood off the tee on No. 5 just because it's a hard driving hole for me, because I like to hit it left to right with my driver, but I can turn it over with my 3 wood a little bit better. All you have to do is hit it decent and get it in the fairway and you can still get there in two.

So I hit my rescue club also there to about the middle of the green, probably about 35 feet above the hole and 2 putted for birdie.

Then No. 9 I hit it pretty good, easy pars.

And then No. 9, I hit 5 wood off the tee and had 157 to the pin and hit a little 6 iron. I hit it really well and hit it to about three feet. I made that for birdie.

11, I hit 6 iron and made about a 20 footer there. So that was good. Hit it close on 12 and didn't make it.

13, hit a good drive and hit 4 iron. Had about 185 to the pin and hit 4 iron and made about a 15 footer. That was really good. 13 is one of the more difficult holes, so I was quite pleased with making birdie there.

Then parred 15. Hit it about five feet on with a 9 iron on 15, hit it to about five feet and made that.

Then hit rescue off the tee on 16, and hit pitching wedge to about three feet or four feet on 16 and made that.

Hit driver on 17. It probably wasn't the right club, just kind of came out of it a little bit and hit it in the bunker. Actually, I had a decent lie, but I hit it a little heavy and it came up just short of the bunker by the green. I had a pretty bad lie and hit a very good pitch shot, I was very pleased with it, to about six feet and missed it.

Then on 18, once again I hit 3 wood because of the shape of the hole, and I had 141 to the pin, and hit 7 iron to about eight feet, made it.

PAM WARNER: We'll take questions.

Q. A lot of the players that have been coming in so far have been raving about the course. Is it pretty much ideal conditions?

NANCY SCRANTON: It is. It's in such good condition. It's probably the best I've ever seen it. It didn't blow today, and it's been a long time since we've played a round that wasn't blowing. Last week was pretty exciting.

Actually, I played Monday in the Pro Am here, and then yesterday in the Pro Am and it got kind of windy even yesterday. It's nice to play without the wind out there.

Q. Because of that, do you expect players to come in low?

NANCY SCRANTON: Yes. You get it going out there, and you drive if you drive it well, you feel you can really shoot a low one, because the greens are receptive enough. They release a little bit, but not much. You can still fire at the pins.

Q. It sounds like your Corning experience was a real benefit to you today?

NANCY SCRANTON: I think so. You know what you have to do on this golf course, and you know what you can't do and play well. You have to drive it in the fairway. Yeah, I think experience is always a good thing. Let's leave it at that.

Q. Lengthening of hole No. 12, how do you see that as playing and how will it continue to play?

NANCY SCRANTON: I like it, personally, because I didn't reach that green very often. I've hit it on that green a couple of times, but not that often. I had to hit it really well off the tee to be able to get there. So I think it's kind of good, because I'm laying it up to the same place I would probably lay it up anyway. I think it's good. We have got two really reachable Par 5s here. That's enough. If you bomb it there somebody might. I don't know if anybody has, but if you get the right wind conditions, because I think I had, I don't know, maybe 265 to the front, something like that. So if somebody hit it 50 yards by me, which isn't impossible for some of the players out here, they might be able to get there.

Q. Do you see the front nine being the scoring nine and the back nine being the maintenance nine?

NANCY SCRANTON: I think so. I've actually scored I had to think about it. I scored better on the back nine. But overall you feel like you need to get off obviously you feel like you need to be a couple under through four holes. So yes. And there aren't as many on the back nine, there isn't a par 5 you can reach in two, and that's your birdie holes.

Q. Are you a scoreboard watcher, or are there any names you look for?

NANCY SCRANTON: Not on Thursday. It's fun, I like to watch. I get bored and watch, Oh, look what they're doing. It's one of those things until Sunday.

Q. How have you been playing coming into this week?

NANCY SCRANTON: Pretty well. Actually, I played pretty well. I played well last week. I think I finished 14th last week and really had it I made a few bogeys on the back. I just missed a couple of fairways, not by much, and had to chip out. I had a couple of bad lies. I actually felt like through about eight holes on Sunday that I had a chance, if I made a couple more birdies, to possibly give it a run to win. And that's a good feeling.

I've been playing pretty well. I didn't play well at Williamsburg. I got kind of messed up with my alignment and my set up. My husband and I have kind of worked on it a bit. We kind of caught that right when was it? The last hole in the Pro Am last week. My line, I had gotten open with my shoulders, and I just had gotten really messed up with my alignment.

It was kind of surprising that I played so poorly the second round at Williamsburg, because I had been playing pretty well, and just really was struggling. We both felt like it couldn't be that far off, it was just something simple, like it usually is.

Q. The Pro Am last week?

NANCY SCRANTON: Yes, Wednesday on my last hole. Mark kind of thought, That looks kind of funny. And we went to the range. And immediately, it was like, boom, oh, that was tough. I hit it pretty well last week. It's a hard golf course there, very exhausting. The greens are tricky and the fairways are narrow and the rough is long, and all that stuff.

It's the same way here. You can't miss fairways here either, because the trees are there. The rough isn't that bad. There are some spots out there actually that are pretty long.

Q. If you're able to maintain a share of the lead, when was the last time you were in that position?

NANCY SCRANTON: I don't know if I've led in the first round for a while. I don't really know. Sorry. I was pretty close last week, I think. I shot a couple under the first day and scores were pretty high, so I wasn't too far off last week.

Q. You played well yesterday in the Pro Am. Does that kind of pump you up for today?

NANCY SCRANTON: It never hurts. But I also had somebody that drove No. 6 green. That really helped. We never played my tee shots yesterday. (Laughter). It's nice to see good scores no matter what you're playing.

Q. How long has your husband been on your bag?

NANCY SCRANTON: From 2001. The first time he caddied for me was the end of 2000 at the Tournament of Champions and missed the playoff by a shot. So it worked pretty well. That was before we got married. We got married at the end of 2001. But he started caddieing for me at the beginning of 2001.

And then he caddied for Kelly Robbins for a while when I was pregnant. So he caddied for her while I was pregnant, because I didn't know how long I was going to play. It was probably good. I struggled a lot in '03, I guess it was. And it's hard, I hated having him watching me play so badly. We didn't fight, but he was like, Yeah, we need to play it from here to there, if you can hit your second shot there. And I'm like, You're wasted on me right now. (Laughter). He's good. He teaches me to he knows what my tendencies are and it's nice to have him on the bag.

And his sister is with us for a while this year helping us take care of the kids, because we have almost 18 month old twins.

Q. That's a lot of energy.

NANCY SCRANTON: Yes, or lack of it.

Q. Boys or girls?

NANCY SCRANTON: One of each, Luke and Libby. So it's been great to have his sister Jane out from New Zealand. My husband is from New Zealand, and she came over. I think we may have talked her into staying a little bit longer. She was going to stay another week and a half, but we're trying to convince her to stay another month. It's such a huge help.

Q. You're more rested more, too.

NANCY SCRANTON: I've been getting more sleep, because we've had two rooms or apartments with two bedrooms and she keeps the kids in her room. And it makes a huge different. They sleep well, but they still make noises during the night.

Q. Mother's ears?

NANCY SCRANTON: Yes. So it really is very helpful.

Q. (No microphone.)

NANCY SCRANTON: It certainly doesn't hurt, and I'm going to tell her that, too. "You can't leave."

Q. What kind of score do you expect to win? You're 7 under today, if the weather stays.

NANCY SCRANTON: It won't be 16 to 20. I don't think it will go it always does this the first day. You have really low rounds. Somebody is not going to shoot 7 under every day. You just can't do it on this golf course. You get on the wrong side of the hole and you hit the putt I just don't see it happening. If somebody gets hot it will be 20, but I don't know what normally wins here. I don't pay attention to stuff like that. I would guess 17, maybe. Who knows.

PAM WARNER: Thank you very much.

End of FastScripts.

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