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May 22, 2006

Darren Clarke


Q. Talk about what happened on the 18th.

DARREN CLARKE: Just moved out of my second shot and tried to play a little pitch and run on my third try and chunked it, basically, and left myself a very tough putt.

Q. Talk about 9, you acted with incredible integrity?

DARREN CLARKE: That's part and parcel of the game. I had a lie when I went back out this morning, a lot of people had been looking for the ball and a lot of people had flattened the grass around it. It was a much better lie than what I left it yesterday. I come back to it and could have put it on to the front of the green if I had done, so just decided best thing to do, chip it out like I would have last night.

Q. You may not have won the Irish Open but you've won a lot of people's hearts; well done.

DARREN CLARKE: Obviously very disappointing. I really wanted to win and disappointed to finish bogey, par, bogey.

Q. I know your feelings about 18th will be different from what you did before this; you were so patient.

DARREN CLARKE: I kept giving myself chances this morning and didn't make any putts, but just made a mistake.

Q. 16 and 18 were bogeys; 18 you were in good position.

DARREN CLARKE: I was in good position to get it up there and just moved out of a 3 wood and made a mistake and tried to hit a sand wedge and chase it up there on the green and just caught it heavy.

Q. The day started with a bizarre scenario with your ball in a much better position than it was yesterday.

DARREN CLARKE: When I got back out this morning and the ball was there, not much grass around it. And I had the opportunity to hit it on to the green, but I felt my conscience wouldn't allow me to do that. So I decided to chip it out like I would have yesterday.

Q. You must be feeling very, very disappointed.

DARREN CLARKE: To say the least, yeah.

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