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May 20, 2006

Anthony Wall


Q. Well played, you holed a lot of good putts out there today?

ANTHONY WALL: Yes I putted nicely but I played sensible too, I hit a couple of two irons on holes where there are a couple of deep traps and so I just tried to play cagey golf and it paid off.

Q. Were you keeping an eye on what was happening elsewhere?

ANTHONY WALL: Yes I kept an eye out. There were plenty of scoreboards out there so I think it is good to keep an eye on what you have to do. I quite enjoy doing that.

Q. So you knew that putt on the last was to get you into the final group tomorrow, is that important to you?

ANTHONY WALL: Yes, very much so, I love to be in the final group and it is nice to go head to head with two such great players and hopefully I can do the business.

Q. What is the secret round here for you because it is not an easy course?

ANTHONY WALL: No it isn't. You have to play well but you also have to play smart, you can't just go blasting away over corners of dog legs because they are quite narrow on the corners and they are also quite punishing so sometimes a little bit of care can go a long way.

Q. You don't seem very excited about it, is that you trying to stay calm?

ANTHONY WALL: Well I enjoy what I am doing now. I feel like I am playing better and I feel that my mental side has always been good. I felt like what let me down was some bad technical problems coming down through my swing. So now I have no reason to fear any one.

Q. So you give yourself a good chance tomorrow then?

ANTHONY WALL: Yes, an excellent chance because I feel good about my game and if I can hole a few putts, that's the key, and if I can do that, then who knows.

Q. And making a good start?

ANTHONY WALL: Yes, I haven't made a particularly good start all week, I seem to have been over par for the front nine all the time but recovered on the back nine and it has been kind to me. So fingers crossed I can do that on the front nine tomorrow and also make the back nine pay too.

End of FastScripts.

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