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May 19, 2006

Christian Cevaer


Q. Wonderful stuff again today, tell us how you feel about your round?

CHRISTIAN CEVAER: Well it feels lovely. I think that I stayed patient and very focussed throughout and in general I like tough conditions because those conditions can help you be more effective with your short game and like I was saying earlier, even the long hitters don't have much of an advantage any more. So I am delighted with the result today.

Q. Being recognised as a good putter, I presume you like these greens as well?

CHRISTIAN CEVAER: Yes very much. They are true and most of the time when you have decided that you have read the line right, all you have to do is put it on the right line and most of the time it stays right where you want it to be. That is always nice and it is then just a question of finding the right pace and I must admit that it seems I was on the lucky side of the draw because playing six holes last night in pretty good conditions was good. This morning was pretty bad I must admit but overall I think it was better than what the other half of the draw had to cope with yesterday. But I suppose it all averages out over the course of a season.

Q. Do you take extra pride from the fact that so far you are the only player to have broken par each day?

CHRISTIAN CEVAER: Well I am happy for myself but it doesn't really matter what you do round per round, it is a total of four rounds isn't it. But it is nice I guess and if I can keep beating par I must admit that I'd be happy.

Q. Your form has dipped a bit in the last couple of weeks so you must be buoyed up by this?

CHRISTIAN CEVAER: The Italian Open I missed by several shots so that just didn't go right for me and that was a bad week. But last week, I missed by one with so many lip-outs on the Friday including a metre putt on the last, that was a very frustrating day and it just hurt a lot. You have always to see what is around the next corner and you have to keep working at it and this game, if you are patient enough, will reward you every so often.

So so far so good here. The game was there at The Belfry, maybe not to be amongst the leaders but solid enough to make the cut, so sometimes you have to accept hard fate and keep working and wait for your chance the next time.

End of FastScripts.

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