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May 18, 2006

Iain Pyman


Q. Tell us about today then.

IAIN PYMAN: That was brutal, horrific. When they sent us back out we were saying that it obviously wasn't hard enough earlier with just the gales, then we had gales and rain! It was not very nice out there at all - the last hole was okay though, we didn't need the brollies then! And I only parred that one - just left it hanging on the edge.

Q. Toughest conditions you have played in for a while?

IAIN PYMAN: When you get conditions like this, you always say that these are the hardest conditions you have ever played in, but there will always be something harder or worse to come. But that today, especially around this course, there is no let up whatsoever. You have to drive it well, irons good, chip and putt well, if you are struggling it will find you out. And I have been struggling.

Q. Well we were going to say that?

IAIN PYMAN: Yes I have missed a few cuts, last one I played was in Italy where I was three under and missed by one. I am still playing well but the difference today was that I holed a couple of 15- to 20-footers. I did have a three putt out there but the greens are great. But you have to putt well out there because you are not going to hit all the greens and I was lucky enough to do that.

Q. You were a late entry for the tournament?

IAIN PYMAN: Yes I didn't actually think I would get in. I was third reserve last week and you think if you don't play that, you are not going to get in this. I was third reserve for this on Monday morning but then late on Monday afternoon I was told I was in.

Q. Which makes a nice change after the China experience (where he flew to Beijing as reserve for the Volvo China Open but didn't get in)?

IAIN PYMAN: Yes that wasn't great was it. I just thought I'd blow £1500 basically, nip out to China, practice facilities were good for a couple of days and then come home. It wasn't very nice but with the re-rank and everything and I wasn't doing very well then I had to take the risk which didn't take off.

Q. With your card status, a big week here could be vital for you?

IAIN PYMAN: Without a doubt but it is early days. But if I play like that for the rest of the week then I am going to have a very good chance but there is one thing round here, you can't afford to think what you could do, because it is just so hard, there is no let up, you have to graft your way round every hole. There is no point in looking at the leaderboard and thinking what you want to do, because you will go backwards. Hopefully that won't happen to me. I'll go out again probably late afternoon.

End of FastScripts.

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