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May 13, 2006

Adam Scott


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Adam Scott, thanks for joining us here, co leader with Trevor Immelman after 54 holes. Both of you are recipients of this week's Astra Zeneca Charity Challenge. The American Heart Association will receive $100,000 in your name courtesy of the EDS Byron Nelson Championship and Astra Zeneca. Congratulations there.

A little bit of an up and down day for you today, but you have part of the lead. Maybe some opening comments.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's a nice position to be in going into Sunday. I might have been able to get out there a few shots clearer today. I certainly played well enough to, but kind of ran into some troubles on the back nine and made some bogeys. But I feel pretty comfortable in the position I'm in. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully keep swinging the way I am.

Q. Was there anything was the putter working against you on the back nine there?

ADAM SCOTT: No, I hit some tee shots in the rough, and that really prevented me from getting near the hole. I was struggling to get it up and down.

You know, 17 was a bit of a soft bogey, but the others were just poor tee shots, two or three poor tee shots, and I was battling from there.

Q. Was the one at 9 particularly like a momentum buster? You had gone a long time without a bogey in this tournament. Was there anything in particular about that one?

ADAM SCOTT: No. I mean, it was a bad shot, but I came back and birdied the 10th and made a couple good swings and everything was fine. It really didn't kill any momentum.

I did block another one like that on the 13th. It was really more about picking the wrong line off the tee. This wind was different than the way I've played the course the other day, so it was my first time in this wind and I picked the wrong line on those two holes and put some bad swings on it and got in trouble.

Q. Did the long wait there hurt you on 9? I think you waited about ten minutes or so.

ADAM SCOTT: Right. No, it was just a bad shot.

Q. Is there any challenge of letting go of the fact that you had a four shot lead, looking like it could turn into a runaway?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, I didn't even look at the leaderboard. I didn't know that at all. I was just trying to play and see what happened. I hope I get in that position tomorrow and hopefully close it off.

Q. Conscious decision not to look at the leaderboard, just to play your own game?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, because I didn't really think it mattered today. I mean, I knew what Brett was doing, and we started with the same score. I didn't really want to worry about anyone else, just go and play. I knew there were birdies out there because I had made a few, so I knew someone else must be going all right. I just tried to keep it going that way, but like I said, I hit a few bad shots that I couldn't recover from.

Q. When you have such a long string without bogeys, is there a point where you hope it doesn't back you into a breaking point?

ADAM SCOTT: To be honest, I didn't really think about it. It was, what, 26 holes? If it was the whole week it would be a different story. It's just one of those things where it was playing a little tricky if you missed the fairway. I knew that would be the case and I hit a couple bad tee shots.

Q. How good is that pairing for you on Sunday to be with Trevor? You guys are good buddies. And how many of these did you close out back in Europe in the old days?

ADAM SCOTT: We've had a good friendship out here over the years, and it goes back to junior golf. Tomorrow will be a fun day, and I know we both want to beat each other bad, but we both have the rest of the field to worry about, as well, so we shouldn't get caught up in our own game. It should be a good day, I just hope we both play really well and one of us can bring it home.

Q. Have you guys kind of renewed that friendship since he's over here now? Do you do dinner and stuff?

ADAM SCOTT: We were out at dinner last week at Wachovia, and obviously he's playing really well because he finished 2nd there. I'll bet he's pretty determined to get a win tomorrow after being in this position two weeks in a row.

Q. You had two little trees in front of you on 14. Any problem at all? Down right in that chute? Did you even see them?

ADAM SCOTT: No, I just was trying to knock it through the gap there. I saw the shot and it wasn't really a problem. I knew it had the right trajectory with a 7 iron to just slip through there. The only thing I was worried about was the tree at the green, and I hit it over it. I wasn't really trying to go there, I was trying to go a bit to the right. No, it was only 100 yards to the front. I didn't think it was that risky.

Q. Can you kind of describe Trevor's game from your viewpoint? He's always been known as a pretty good iron player. What are some of his strengths?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, his iron play is good. He's pretty methodical, and I think he plays to his strengths. He's a little bit like me with putting. When he putts good, he's a very good putter, and then he has his moments, as well. We're both playing quite well, so should be good golf out there tomorrow.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: If we could go over your round today and take one final question. You birdied the 2nd hole, par 3.

ADAM SCOTT: I hit an 8 iron in there to about four feet.

Then the par 4, No. 4, I hit 5 wood, pitching wedge probably 12 feet.

7, par 5, driver and then 6 iron out of a fairway bunker and sand wedge to two feet.

8, that was driver, 9 iron to ten feet.

Bogey on 9, I hit a 3 iron in the water right and dropped and two putted for bogey.

Came back with a birdie on 10, 5 wood, 9 iron probably 12 feet.

Bogey on 12, 5 wood in the left bunker, 9 iron over the green and a chip and two putts.

14, 3 iron and then a 7 iron over the green and a chip and two putts.

17, 6 iron in the bunker, two putts.

Q. You sound a little tired. Any wear and tear from playing on the lead all week?

ADAM SCOTT: No, not really. No, I feel fine. Just ready to get out of here and go have some food.

Q. How long was your first putt there at 16 when you had the eagle opportunity?

ADAM SCOTT: 80 feet. That's a guess.

Q. You weren't here before to see the 18th hole previously before the lake got put in. What do you think of that hole from what you see this week?

ADAM SCOTT: Pretty tough finishing hole today, into and out of the left. You certainly don't want to blow it right there; that leaves you nothing. You've got to kind of hug the water a little bit to get it back in the fairway. It's a tough hole. I don't know what it was like before. Obviously it's made it more difficult.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Adam, thanks.

End of FastScripts.

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