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May 12, 2006

Adam Scott


TODD BUDNICK: We welcome Adam Scott after his second consecutive 65 here on Cottonwood Valley course at the Byron Nelson Championship. No bogeys, a very smooth round for you.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it was solid ball striking today. I had a few more chances that I probably left out there, but it was pretty solid golf, and I'm happy to go bogey free. I haven't done that in a while, so a lot of positive signs for me going into the weekend.

TODD BUDNICK: Talking about the weekend, we'll now switch back over to the TPC course for both rounds. Your comfort level over there after the one round yesterday and what you see for the weekend?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I'm looking forward to two rounds on the TPC course. I played it in quite tough conditions yesterday, so I wouldn't mind seeing that wind pick up and having it play a little tough over the weekend because I think when the wind is down, the scoring is certainly a lot better and it turns a bit more into a putting contest. I'd like to see it play tough and have some good ball striking rewarded over the weekend.

Q. How much easier was this today than yesterday?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it was a lot easier today. It was just a breeze, really not a breeze to play, but it was just a light breeze blowing. Yesterday was a two club wind.

Today I think the scoring must have been a lot better than yesterday. With the greens being pretty soft and receptive, when there's no wind, you can just go straight at the pin and get good results.

Q. Do you feel like you got more out of your round yesterday than today?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I'd say I definitely did. I played just as good today, but I didn't really make everything that I could have.

Q. Are you surprised because it's your first time here that it played so much in front of you and easy for you?

ADAM SCOTT: No. You know, quite often I've been coming to places for the first time. I have gone at least once the last five or six years. Just play the practice rounds and see as much of the course as you can and take as much in and then work out a plan in your head and go try and get after it once you're out there.

If you're playing well, I don't think it really matters if you know the course or not. It's when you're playing average is when it's more important to know the course.

Q. Have you had a chance to meet Mr. Nelson yet?

ADAM SCOTT: Not this week, no, I haven't.

Q. You've played really well on TPC courses, having two of your wins come on TPCs. I'm just wondering what is it about those style of courses?

ADAM SCOTT: I'm not really sure. I don't really think there's any similarities in those TPC courses I played well on, and not with this one, either. It just happened to be the week I was playing well.

Q. You seem to be pretty comfortable as a front runner in terms of you get pretty good success when you've put yourself there. What do you think it is about your approach that allows you to not to finish things off and not let

ADAM SCOTT: Generally when I'm out in front, I'm obviously playing pretty well, so the confidence is high and I just feel like I can just keep going the way I have been the whole week, and there's no reason to stop making birdies just because maybe you're a couple in front, maybe six in front. You've got to keep going. You want to just, if you can, run away with it and run right over the line and win by ten.

I think it's just to do with the fact that I'm hitting the ball nicely and I feel confident, therefore I feel comfortable.

Q. Do you feel like at this point, just generally speaking on Tour, really the only thing that holds you guys back is wind? Is that the one real neutralizing factor to keep you guys from really taking everything apart?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. I mean, that's a pretty fair statement. I think Sunday last week when it rains and we have long rough, that's also very difficult, as well. You know, they were tough conditions last Sunday, but I think the wind is probably the one factor that really doesn't even out the field but makes the course play a lot tougher.

Q. Has it been hard for you to stay patient from a career standpoint? You're a guy who's been kind of a protege and projected for superstardom for a long time. You've had pretty good success. Is it hard for you to stay patient for the long run? Obviously you like to have success like now, tomorrow, every day. Has that been easier, harder for you?

ADAM SCOTT: I think it's been pretty easy. I'm pretty happy with my progress. Obviously you always want to do better. But when I look back at each year, I think I've improved as a golfer each year. That's what Tiger says his benchmark is. I don't try and compare myself to Tiger's benchmark at all because that's unrealistic, but, you know, I feel like if I can do better this year, I think it'll be a good year for me as a result standpoint.

I think that's the next step for me will be to win a lot of tournaments or a big tournament or something like that is the next step for me to look back on the year and say, well, I've improved again because I've had success this many times or in this major event.

Q. Can you look back at last year and pinpoint areas where you feel you did improve, other than just improved results?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, I won three times last year in the tournaments I played in, and that was more than I had any other year, and really I base improvement on not improvement, but I base my year on winning because that's what it's about out here is winning. So that was a positive thing for me.

I didn't swing the club as well as I would have liked last year, so I certainly learned how to get it around a little better.

Q. Does that improvement get you to the point now where you're starting to focus more on the majors?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. I do focus more on the majors more than I did two or three years ago because I feel like I'm a good enough player to be contending in them regularly even though I haven't in the past, but I think my game is at that point where you can. But also I'm at a point where I need to start notching up wins left and right like the great players in the past have done. I've got to get focused on each tournament that I'm going to play, not just thinking, well, I'm going to play here to get ready for the U.S. Open. I'm trying to keep my focus on whatever tournament I'm at.

Q. I know you're saying things are more scorable out there today. You threw down another 65. Does it surprise you that someone got a 60 today, had a shot at 59? Or was it that doable today?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think that was doable today. Greens are soft and not running very fast, so if you had the right speed on your putts, you're going to make a lot of putts out there. Certainly, I mean, good players, and when the greens are soft, shots are just going to stop where they land. If you're on with your irons, then you're not going to have much work to do.

Q. How do you focus more on the majors? How does that crystallize for you? Phil and Tiger go in early, a month early, check the place out. How do you focus more than say you did a couple years ago?

ADAM SCOTT: I think my practice and the tournaments I've played leading up into it, trying to peak my game for that week, and certainly going in early and seeing the course and knowing what you're in for when you get there is important, as well. If you get the chance to do that, I think you should take it.

I'll be at Hoylake next week practicing for the Open, so I'm going to get over there and have a look, and it won't be such a blind run when I get up there.

Q. You're going to Winged Foot next week?

ADAM SCOTT: Hoylake.

Q. Have you been to Winged Foot?


TODD BUDNICK: Birdie on No. 1.

ADAM SCOTT: Driver, 7 iron to four, five feet.

3, driver, 9 iron to two feet.

8, 3 wood, sand wedge and a putt from the fringe, which was, I guess, about 20 feet.

12, par 3, I had a 6 iron to three feet.

14, I hit a 9 iron to a foot.

TODD BUDNICK: Good luck this weekend.

End of FastScripts.

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