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May 12, 2006

Michael Campbell

Padraig Harrington


MICHAEL CAMPBEL: I was a little bit tight today with this cold which has worn me down a little bit. Today wasn't a great round but Padraig played great. He putted great and hit the ball great so it was nice to see my old friend here do well.

Q. More difficult with the wind?

MICHAEL CAMPBEL: I think so. Different wind direction. 18th is playing pretty tough. I hit a good drive and good four iron and made a good birdie but with the wind it was a lot tougher.

Q. It is ironic the two of you playing together here - was it six years ago you had the incident with the card?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: I couldn't tell you which year it was. We did discuss it on the first tee before we went out yesterday as he was marking my card again as it worked out. But it is one of those things. It is so far gone most people struggle remember who won that week. Even though it was painful at the time it is something of interest now. It is one of those interesting memories now.

Q. You signed your card okay today though?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Hope so. It will take a couple of days to find that out.

Q. But you are pleased with the way you have played today?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: I have been happy with how I have been playing all year, just getting a little but. I am not thinking too much about it out there. I holed a 20 footer on my second hole and it was such a relief to see a ball going in from that range and I could make some birdies. And then I holed a few more afterwards. It is amazing the difference. Once putt like that and it just seemed to open the flood gates for me. I can make birdie without hitting it stone dead and that takes a lot of pressure off your game. So far this year I have either hit it stone dead or hit it on the par fives to make my birdies and if that is what you are doing you are not going to make too many birdies. Today holing a putt I thought every hole was a birdie hole today. I haven't been like that on a golf course and it was because I got my eye in and holed a putt. It is a nice way to play golf, I can tell you that.

Q. What happened with the scorecard mix-up?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Jamie Spence saw a blank spot and marked that and I saw his signature and thought it looked like mine. It was one of those things. It was painful at the time, it was sore and I remember Michael was devastated at the time. But looking back at it we have a laugh. These things happen. It seems a big thing at the time but when time passes by�

MICHAEL CAMPBEL: It certainly heals.

Q. Padraig, things certainly improved today?

MICHAEL CAMPBEL: Watching me putt yesterday had something to do with it.

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: It did. Watching Micheal play yesterday, he was playing very free out there and hitting it and holing putts. He hit it close because of the momentum he got from holing a few putts. I haven't been doing that this year because I haven't been holing any birdie putts. Today I holed one on the second and it was great from there.

MICHAEL CAMPBEL: It was amazing how his body language changed so quickly after the second hole. The first round, watching Padraig, his head was a little low and then today after the second hole, it was amazing to see the big grin back on his face and back to the normal Padraig. I could feel his positivity, so it was amazing how one putt could change a round.

Q. How was your cold?

MICHAEL CAMPBEL: It's a real pain, trying to sniff or cough at the right time as your playing partner is right there. It is one of those things but I am still there with a chance to win over the weekend..

End of FastScripts.

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