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May 11, 2006

Peter Hanson


STEVEN FRANKLIN: Thanks for coming in and thank you, Peter, for coming in. Peter, 66 today, a great start. You must be pleased with that.

PETER HANSON: Yeah, very happy, yeah. Got off to a flying start, that felt really nice and the birdies kept coming in so it was nice.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: A slight blip at the last.

PETER HANSON: Yeah, I hit my tee shot to the right there between the fairway and the bunker, and the ball was sitting down in the rough. I was just trying to get a 5 iron to the front of the green.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: I know you defended the title in Spain, tied 11th there, do you think your form is coming together?

PETER HANSON: It feels better and better. This season I've been making most of the cuts but not getting any top results and finishing top 10. Spain was definitely a little bit of progress.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: Let's go through your card. You started with a birdie on the second.

PETER HANSON: Yeah, that was a nice putt, I made like 25 feet or something like that which is a good one to drop.

The third was a good 3 wood for the second shot, coming up to middle of the green and 2 putting from 30 feet. So that was an easy birdie.

4 was also a good drive and a 9 iron, pretty long putt as well. I made a couple of long putts. That one was maybe 25 feet as well.

5th was a short one, that was like 15 feet, drive and a pitching wedge, one of the birdie holes on the course.

No. 6, I only hit a 3 iron off the tee and hit a 6 iron up to about ten feet and made the putt.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: What were you thinking at this stage, 5 under?

PETER HANSON: I don't want to wake up. (Laughing.)

It's amazing when things like happen like that, you don't really stiff the shots but the putts are just rolling in one after another. It feels like the hole is so big. I was trying to stay calm, hit the greens and keep on going.

I hit 7 middle of the green and 2 putted from normal range, which was really unusual at that point.

9, I hit the wrong club off the tee and hit a 3 wood just into the bunker on the right. I hit a 6 iron just left and made a bogey. That was the only tactical mistake of the day.

Then nothing really happened for a while.


PETER HANSON: Exactly. 15 was a good drive and 3 wood to the middle of the green and two putts.

16, I was aggressive off the tee on 16. I hit driver there and had a gap wedge in. And that's one of those holes, if you take it on off the tee, you're standing with a little pitching wedge or gap wedge. And if you hit 2 iron or 3 wood you're standing with an 8 iron; so hitting a good drive and pitching wedge and making the putt. The putt was probably 15 feet, as well.

17, I hit a drive and a 3 wood just short of the green and chipped it up to three feet and made the putt.

Then an unfortunate 3 putt on 18.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: What distance there?

PETER HANSON: I think the pin is like 28 paces on, so that would be like 25 yards, 22, something like that. If you don't get it up to the right plateau, it's a really tough putt. The first putt was decent coming up to maybe five feet above the hole, which is really not the place to be. And it was a quick one coming back, so can't be too aggressive.

Q. Does that ruin your dinner?

PETER HANSON: It doesn't really. I'm really happy with the way I played, and of course finishing off with bogey, as you all know, the 18th here, if you hit a good tee shot and you're standing with a 7 iron, that's a completely different story. You can be aggressive.

But when you miss the tee shot a little bit and end up in the rough, you're kind of more thinking about getting it somewhere on to the green and try to 2 putt. It's a tough hole.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.

End of FastScripts.

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