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July 26, 2006

Sam Torrance


STEVEN FRANKLIN: Thanks for coming in, Sam.

SAM TORRANCE: No problem.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: It's been a good season for you so far, two wins on the seniors tour and never finishing outside the top ten. Then you passed 700 events on The European Tour. But this week must be really important to you.

SAM TORRANCE: Three events. (Laughing).

STEVEN FRANKLIN: Yes, Morocco, but I was thinking of the seniors. Give us your thoughts on this week.

SAM TORRANCE: Well, this is obviously the biggest event of the year. It's a great tournament and it's very special. We're in a very special part of the world. I mean, the course is just out of this world. It is perfect. The weather is just a wee bit good. The course, they have toughened the course up incredibly, a lot of new bunkers, tough tees and it's playing hard.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: Do you think those bunkers, the extra bunkers, are going to come into play of all eight of the holes?

SAM TORRANCE: They are perfectly placed. You used to be able to just whack a driver up the first and you got unlucky if you hit in the bunker. Now it's very tough. The second the same, a couple new bunkers there down the left, all the way around a couple.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: Did you hit driver at the first today?


Q. You'd stick with that still?

SAM TORRANCE: Depends how far I could reach. I'm 20 yards short. If I'm downbreeze, I think I can hit driver and carry most of the bunkers.

Q. You are the local favourite this week. Is the pressure a help or a hindrance?

SAM TORRANCE: It's never a hindrance. The more support you can get, the better.

Q. Thoughts on your chances?

SAM TORRANCE: I'd like to play well. Obviously I have to play well this week, I've played well most of the year and this is the one where I'd really like to do it. Hopefully I will.

Q. I guess you did not get much chance to practice last week with your commentating duties at The Open?

SAM TORRANCE: But I made it to Turnberry on Sunday night. I've had more practice for this than I have any other event this year. I played Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Q. You used to live not far away. How many times do you think you have played the Ailsa Course?

SAM TORRANCE: Not that many. I played in all of the Opens that were here. I played a couple other events here.

I never really came down to play Turnberry as a boy growing up.

Q. Inaudible?

SAM TORRANCE: Well, I practiced more and I played more. So an extra day and a half practice, really.

Q. How far away is your hometown?

SAM TORRANCE: It's about an hour now. It used to be two hours but new roads, it's just an hour and 15 minutes maybe.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: It obviously stiffens the competition for you this week, but you must enjoy seeing so many good Americans over here and such a strong field.

SAM TORRANCE: Oh, it's a great field, fantastic field.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: Can you rate the Europeans' chances this week? Obviously at The Open last week it unfortunately fizzled out.

SAM TORRANCE: Yeah, we've got some great players. It will be tough to win it. They have got some guys playing well, Loren Roberts and Watson is Funk here?

Q. No.

SAM TORRANCE: Didn't come?

Q. Milwaukee.

SAM TORRANCE: Milwaukee.

Q. Have you played

SAM TORRANCE: Not really. A couple of times over the years.

Q. A great draw for you tomorrow. Have you played with Watson much before?

SAM TORRANCE: He beat me in the singles at the Ryder Cup, I wouldn't forget that. (Laughter).

Q. Was it close?

SAM TORRANCE: Not close.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: Thank you very much, Sam, and good luck.

End of FastScripts.

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