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May 13, 2006

Pat Hurst


DANA GROSS RHODE: Thanks for coming in. I know you're disappointed with how the round ended, but you're still in a good position for tomorrow. Your thoughts about that?

PAT HURST: Yeah, I played well all day until the last hole. But overall I played well, so looking forward to tomorrow.

DANA GROSS RHODE: Let's go over your score card real quick.

PAT HURST: I birdied No. 4. Hit 9 iron to about 35 feet.

On No. 7 I hit 3 wood to the front of the green and chipped up to four or five feet.

No. 9, I hit 7 iron to about five feet.

10, I hit 9 iron to about 20 feet.

Then 18, I hit lob wedge, I had to chip out of the rough, hit lob wedge to 35 feet and 3 putted.

Q. For the second week in a row, you're right up there going into the last day, obviously just in that good spot again. Do you think you'll be more relaxed this time tomorrow than you were maybe last weekend?

PAT HURST: I was pretty relaxed last weekend. I'm just going to go out and play and do the best that I can. That's all that I can really do. You know, Karrie has got the lead by a lot, I don't know, by five, so you're talking about a player who doesn't really back down. So basically it seems like we're playing for second, but you just never know. You just go out and play.

I'm just going to try to make as many birdies as I can.

Q. We often ask players about whether courses are suited to their abilities and whether they set up well for them, etc., but do you believe in momentum; if you're playing well, you're playing well no matter where the course is or how it's set up for you?

PAT HURST: Well, definitely there's golf courses that do setup well for certain people. I would have to say this is more of a long hitter's golf course and that sets up well for me.

You know, yeah, definitely, I think there are golf courses that set up well for people, but momentum helps, too, with confidence.

Q. Is the course playing such that a low round tomorrow you could make up six or seven shots? There are a lot of 66s and 67s.

PAT HURST: Even par is pretty good. If she goes out and shoots even par, one of the 8 unders go low, you never know. So we still have a chance. There's always a chance out there. There's been times when people have come back from ten shots, so you just never know. You just go out and you play and do the best you can and give it 100%.

Q. Karrie is resurging this year from a tough year last year. Could you see a big difference; I assume you've played with her a couple of times in, her demeanor or her attitude?

PAT HURST: I haven't played with her this year, so I don't know how she is out on the golf course. She does seem a little more peppier, just talking to her. She seems a little bit more confident.

So, I don't know. I haven't played with her, so I don't know what she is like out there.

Q. Did you play with her last year at all when she seemed to be struggling?

PAT HURST: I can't remember playing with her last year. I may have played with her this year, too, I don't know. But I don't remember.

Q. How annoyed were you with coming into 18 and having your round of end the way it did, how frustrating it is?

PAT HURST: How frustrating it is?

Q. Just what happened and how it unfolded?

PAT HURST: I just hit a bad drive and then I think I just hit a bad club coming into the green where I left myself in a tough position for the putt. But it's frustrating, you know, when you play that well and you end bad. But, you know, at least I've got 18 more holes to redeem myself. At least it wasn't the 72nd hole. I've got 18 more holes.

Q. Did you hit it left on 18?

PAT HURST: On the drive, yeah. And I just chipped out.

DANA GROSS RHODE: Thank you, Pat.

End of FastScripts.

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