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July 29, 2006

Lee Westwood


NICOLAI LAUDE: Lee, you started the week with a course record, a new course record. You already held the old one with 61, now with 63, two solid rounds of 4 under and 5 under par. Overall already a good tournament.

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I've played very solidly this week tee to green, made one bogey, 19 birdies. That makes up to 18 under, I think.

I played well again today, gave myself a lot of chances, missed a few from short range. I didn't think the day was going to get off too well when I missed from two feet on the 1st after hitting a 6 in there. Hit the worst shot of the week on the 5th, blocked a shot into the right bunker.

I'm not making really anything outside ten feet, but keep playing well enough tee to green, maybe I won't have to, but it would be nice to see a 20 footer go in this week.

Q. Sorry to go straight for the jugular, but tomorrow is a big day in more ways than one. The two of you at the top, you and Robert Karlsson, both obviously looking for the win and both looking to climb into the Ryder Cup team.

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I'm just looking for a win. I'm thinking of nothing else, to be perfectly honest. One will take care of the other.

Q. Did the lightning delay cause you any problems at all? It didn't look as though it did.

LEE WESTWOOD: No, not at all. I felt like I came out afterwards a little bit fresher, hitting the ball as well if not a little bit better. It didn't really do anything, other than to have a natural break for lunch.

Q. It was an interesting position you found yourself in on the 15th after that drive. Can you talk us through that one?

LEE WESTWOOD: I wasn't going to go low left again, so I decided to sling my hips at it from the top of the backswing, nearly took the cameraman out of the tower over there on the right hand side looking down 15 and 17. No, it would have been nice to hit a drive there. I don't know why I didn't just focus on hitting a good drive. I don't know why negative thoughts came in there, probably after yesterday. It was nearly a gimme birdie. It's just unfortunate I haven't capitalized on it the last couple of days. I must be saving it for tomorrow, make an eagle there.

Q. A lovely bunker shot on 17 from the back of that trap. That could have been an awkward spot.

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, that was a tricky lie. There wasn't a lot of sand under the ball. I short sided myself, as well; the flag was tight to the edge. I played a nice bunker shot out to about five feet and rolled that in for birdie. That was essential because Robert rolled it straight down the middle there.

Q. Do you prefer to be right in the action with the last group?

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I'd rather be in the last group watching what's going on in front of me and around me. Not that I would pay that much attention, I'd play my own game, but it's nice to have time on my hands.

Q. Do you miss Darren this week? Did you talk to him?

LEE WESTWOOD: I've spoken to him a couple of times. He's on holiday enjoying himself.

Q. Do you miss him around just playing tournaments?

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, we go out for dinner when he's here. He doesn't play every week I play anyway, and I don't play every week he plays. It's not really something I've thought about. I've stayed in contact with him by text and phone, and he's texted me a few times.

NICOLAI LAUDE: Lee, thank you very much, and all the best for tomorrow's last group.

End of FastScripts.

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