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July 28, 2006

Gary Orr


GARY ORR: I played solidly yesterday, as well, but made a few, couple more mistakes, but today was fewer mistakes, so it was good.

Q. It was good to see that smile creep on the face because you must have enjoyed that?

GARY ORR: I did, yeah. I enjoyed both days, really, because I've been played solidly. When you're hitting the ball well, it's always enjoyable.

Q. I'm told that's a result of a lot of hard work recently?

GARY ORR: Yeah, I didn't play well as of the last two rounds in France, and Loch Lomond I didn't play well. I did some additional practice last week, and hopefully it's beginning to pay off.

Q. Anything in particular?

GARY ORR: Just little faults that crept in I saw. I saw my coach up in Scotland and he pointed out a couple things, so I worked them out last week and started hitting the ball better almost straight away, so that was a relief.

Q. To us laymen we probably wouldn't know the difference, but I dare say he immediately noticed something?

GARY ORR: It's nothing major, but just little things, habits you tend to go back to more than anything else, bad habits you go back to. So I tried to iron those out.

Q. Weird, isn't it, that you go back to bad habits when you're having a good season and things are going nicely?

GARY ORR: That's golf, isn't it? You can never take anything for granted. It's never a smooth ride. There's always things to catch, so you always need to try to keep on top of them. If you let them get away, sometimes you get into some bad form, but if you nip them in the bud, hopefully you can iron them out very quickly.

Q. You've moved into a very nice position here?

GARY ORR: Yeah, I'm only a short way behind heading into the weekend so that's a good position to be in. Looking forward to playing over the weekend.

Q. Do you like to be just off the pace or would you prefer to be right at the top of the tree?

GARY ORR: I don't mind either way. You're happy to be thereabouts. Still two rounds to go, obviously you want to be ahead when it finishes in that scenario. Anywhere near the lead is good with two rounds to go.

Q. I don't know about setting a target for yourself, but what do you think is likely to win this in the end?

GARY ORR: It's very difficult to pick. I knew the scoring would be pretty good, but it's better than I thought it would be. Depends on the weather. Chance of rain maybe tomorrow. It's very difficult to predict. You'd expect someone to shoot low scores. You would imagine it would be 20 plus that would win it.

Q. It's probably the wrong way of phrasing this, but remarkably easy out there at times because the rough is so low?

GARY ORR: Yeah, there's probably a few difficult holes that you've got to play well, and then the rest of the time, it's been so dry here there's no real rough, so you can drive it in the rough and have a shot most of the time. That's why the scoring is so low, I think.

Q. And yet after those images of Hoylake last week at least we can see greenery here?

GARY ORR: There's a lot of greenery. Yeah, definitely the brown patches are all around the edges of the greens and fairways, not actually on the fairways.

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