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July 26, 2006

Sergio Garcia


SERGIO GARCIA: I just got here last night, so I haven't taken a look at the course, but I heard it's quite firm.

Q. And you're just warming up now, but the game is still in good shape after last week?

SERGIO GARCIA: Definitely, yeah. I felt very good last week, the best I've felt probably all year. So I'm very happy about that. I'm looking forward to keeping the round going.

Q. Where did it get away from you last week as far as keeping up with Tiger?

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I guess probably the 5th hole was quite big because he makes a good eagle there, and I thought I hit a great drive. Unfortunately it just caught the edge of the bunker and went right up against the face. I couldn't even make birdie. That was big because he goes to 15 and I'm stuck at 10. I couldn't get any momentum on the front nine.

Then fortunately for me things started going a little bit better on the back nine. I felt like I played well all day. I felt like I was striking the ball the way I wanted. Unfortunately on the front nine nothing wanted to happen.

It was a great experience. I really enjoyed it all week. I had a lot of fun. You know, I'm still quite happy about it.

Q. Tiger said afterwards that it won't be long before you do pull one off.

SERGIO GARCIA: That's nice, but I've got to do it myself. I really felt good out there. I felt calm, I felt comfortable with myself. It's just a matter of kind of like it happened on Saturday; you start getting things going right and it seems like nothing can go wrong. If you kind of go the other way, it's tough because you're charging more for the pins, and after making a couple of three putts you kind of go a bit more. You could see he was kind of going middle of the green, middle of the green and just going along. Unfortunately I had to go a bit the other way, and it just didn't work.

Q. Those three putts really were a killer so early in the round, weren't they?

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, they weren't a killer but they really didn't help. More than anything, it was a shame because I felt like both putts I hit well. I hit good putts on 2 and 3, and unfortunately the greens were so crisp and so firm, they kind of both wobbled a little bit. One wobbled a little bit to the right, the other one wobbled a little bit to the left, and they both lipped out. That's the way it is. You can't do anything about it.

Q. You showed the day before that your putting is probably and you said yourself, it's probably at its best, the best it's been for a while?

SERGIO GARCIA: Even Sunday, if you look at it, the putt I hit on 2, I thought it was in the middle and it kind of wobbled a little bit by and missed, and on 3 same thing. I made a good putt on 4 and a good two putt on 5. I hit a great putt on 6 and I thought it was in the middle and it kind of did something weird at the end. I made another nice putt on 7. 8, I thought I hit a great putt exactly where I wanted and it didn't break.

And then I had some real nice putts on the back nine. Unfortunately at 11 I just didn't get it to the hole, but it was in the jaws. 12, I made a nice putt. 13, hit a good putt again, it just didn't quite get there. 14, I hit a good putt, lip out. 15 and 16, made two nice putts. And 17, the same thing, just left it short.

But it was good. I felt good all week.

Q. Could have been half a dozen shots better quite easily?

SERGIO GARCIA: It was definitely the highest I could shoot. I couldn't have shot higher than I did on Sunday. When everything goes absolutely wrong you make zero putts. But if you're hitting putts, at the end of the day you're going to make one or two. 73 was definitely the highest score I could shoot on Sunday, definitely.

Q. It's obvious that you're still looking to pull the final major off. What are your hopes for the rest of the season?

SERGIO GARCIA: I just want to keep going on the same line. As I said, I struggled a little bit the last probably month and a half or two with my game. I didn't feel quite that good. But the last couple of weeks it's coming, and last week was a good week for me where I gained confidence with my driver again and I felt comfortable with my swing. So that's important. I felt like I putted pretty nicely, and everything is coming along.

Q. And the schedule, is this the last time we're seeing you for a while?

SERGIO GARCIA: Until probably Omega.

Q. And your home event, as well?


Q. The last two in Spain you'll play again?

SERGIO GARCIA: Uh huh, yes.

End of FastScripts.

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