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August 5, 2006

Cristie Kerr


CRISTIE KERR: It was definitely a different day than yesterday. I think I actually my shoulder was hurting me a lot and I carry Naprosin with me and I think I had sort of an adverse reaction to it yesterday and because I couldn't feel my fingers and my hands, I couldn't focus and until it really wore off and so yesterday just out of my system and I was able to bring it back and get myself back into contention.

COLIN CALLANDER: Lots of low scores today?

CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, I think the course is going to give up a few low today. Yeah that Pro Am day was probably the most difficult day we had it was rainy and windy and 40 mile an hour winds. The winds were very light today but I'll tell you, the greens coming into the last five or six holes were getting crusty or like very dried out and some really good pins off some slopes. If you're in the right spot putting, then it's easier. The pins coming in were tougher. I just played great today.

Q. Had you ever had a reaction like that before?

CRISTIE KERR: You know what, I had had that happen one other time, but I had no idea that it was the Naprosin I was taking. Apparently my body doesn't react well to it. I had that reaction once but I thought it was only because I didn't eat enough or I got light headed or are something like that. But having taken it yesterday for my shoulder and my neck, I realised that, oh my God, my body is having some sort of an adverse reaction to Naprosin and I can't take it anymore because no matter what I did you couldn't I didn't have the feel in my hands, and you know, that's really important when you're playing golf. I just, you know, once it wore off on the last five or six holes yesterday, I was fine. But it took hours for it to go away.

Q. Had you taken it before yesterday

CRISTIE KERR: No, never, not in a tournament. I'm glad I just realised and that I have to find something to take, Advil or some other, something, to travel with, or stronger than Advil. I'll go to my doctor and tell him what's happening or maybe get some allergy testing because now I realise that's that. I've only taken Naprosin a couple of times and like I said one time last year when my neck really went out, it was fine when I took it and that's the thing that I travel with, but I took too much and had an adverse reaction to it at Solheim and could not hit it straight and that's what happened yesterday. So I realise that's at least part of the problem, so I'm not going to take it anymore.

Q. How many shots?

CRISTIE KERR: Six probably. 6 over through the first ten holes, at least four or five shots. When that stuff happens, you've just got to

Q. Inaudible?

CRISTIE KERR: No, definitely not. I'm just thankful I shot a really good round today and I got myself back into it.

Q. Has the shoulder problem went away?

CRISTIE KERR: No, I'm feeling it now. I've had it the last couple of weeks. It's just all related to my neck. I've got this thing in my neck that's chronic, it's never really going to go away. Sometimes I feel it more in my neck, sometimes I feel it in my shoulder or elbow or something. Just getting old I guess.

Q. Last year you were the top ranked American and this year

CRISTIE KERR: I guess it's just a little nagging problem that I have, but it was hurting more than unusual yesterday and I had a reaction to it. I could be wrong, maybe it wasn't that, but I feel like analysing it, that's kind of what happened.

You know, there's a lot of other this year is no different. I've won and I've had success but I've had periods of time where I've played grit and periods of time where I haven't played great. I just have to keep working hard and you know, rest will take care of itself.

COLIN CALLANDER: Let's go through your birdies and bogeys.

CRISTIE KERR: I had a bad lie in the bunker and ended up not getting it out of the bunker and had a really good up and down for bogey, I hit 8 iron into the green, into the bunker.

Q. One leg in and one leg out

CRISTIE KERR: Well, if it was going to be that it just didn't quite work out.

COLIN CALLANDER: Then you had a great run starting on 6.

CRISTIE KERR: On 6, the par 5, I hit driver and a short iron to the green and a good shot that almost went in and tapped it in for birdie.

7, I hit a great drive but that green is a little tricky if you go for it in two, you can't knock it on like right on to the centre of the green. So I just laid up there and made a 6 footer, hit lob wedge on to the green.

8, I hit 3 wood off the tee and with a little pitching wedge to about five feet and made that.

9, I hit kind of like a grip 8 iron to about eight feet and made that.

11, I could have made another putt. Actually, that first hole, I had like a 12 , 15 footer for birdie; that lipped out. And then the 11th hole, I had a lipout as well.

12, I had a sand save, made about a 15 foot par putt there.

Then 13, I hit 3 wood, pitching wedge to about 15 feet under of the hole, or 12 feet, I don't really remember how for away, I made that. That was a tough pin on 13 today.

Then 15, I hit driver, 5 wood on the green and almost made eagle. I 2 putted from about 30 feet.

Then 16, I hit 3 wood, little pitching wedge to about 15 feet behind the hole and made that.

Then really good 2 putt on 18. I probably should have hit 7 iron instead of 6 iron on the 18th hole. I hit a really good putt up there and just tapped it in for par.

You know, that's the one thing this year that I haven't been as good at is my greens in regulation. I have a different driver in the bag since last week and I just haven't been hitting as many greens but I am a pretty good putter. Today I hit 16 greens, and when that happens, I'm going to shoot 6 or 7 under, that's how it is.

End of FastScripts.

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