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August 3, 2006

Juli Inkster


COLIN CALLANDER: Thank you very much for coming in. Very good round of golf.

JULI INKSTER: I played very well all day. I hit a lot of fairways. I hit a lot of greens. I played the par 5s well today. I gave myself a lot of opportunities. So you know, overall it was a very good day.

COLIN CALLANDER: The par 5s, was that the key today?

JULI INKSTER: Yeah, I made eagle on one of them, and you know, I just put myself in the position that if I was I didn't short side myself. I putted well.

COLIN CALLANDER: How did it feel to wake up this morning and see the conditions?

JULI INKSTER: I was pleasantly surprised. You know, I don't mind tough conditions. You expect it when you come over here and we had it for our U.S. Open. There's still a breeze out there today, and it was a nice day.

COLIN CALLANDER: You've played a couple times here before in 1998. Do you like the course?

JULI INKSTER: I like the course. It's a tough golf course. I feel a little wary with my swing but constantly working on that. Today I hit a lot of good, solid shots.

You know, a tournament like this, you want to just get yourself in position come Sunday to have a chance to win and it's easy to go out there and shoot 3 or 4 over and, boom, you kind of are always chasing the horse. So it's nice to be the horse.

Q. You talked about this being a tough golf course, can you elaborate?

JULI INKSTER: It's just all the greens are kind of bowled. Everything kind of runs off. The fairways, you know, you've just got to kind of get them going in the right direction, running the right direction. You know, then you have a lot of crosswinds out there and there's not really a lot of holes that are straight downwind or straight into the wind. Most holes have a little bit of a crosswind to it. You know, the swing is just a little bit off and you're not hitting the ball solid, the ball can go anywhere.

Q. Do you think you could have done better

JULI INKSTER: Yeah, believe me, I'm very happy with the way I played and I did a lot of really good things out there. We were really, you know, patient with what we hit off the tees. We didn't try to take too much and we just really thought about what club we wanted to hit into the greens. We did really well today.

Q. Where would you rank this among your best here?

JULI INKSTER: You know, I've always kind of struggled at the British Open and I don't really know why, but I have. But this is probably one of my best rounds I've played I know out here.

Q. What were the other ones?

JULI INKSTER: Well, I think the year I I'm really bad at that stuff but I think the year I won in Mississippi, I played pretty got first round. But believe me, I'll take it.

Q. Why do you think the British has been difficult for you?

JULI INKSTER: Well, you really have to come in here you have to come in here hitting it well, playing well. For some reason, I take that flight and I go over that pond, I lose it somewhere out there. It seems like I'm always struggling with my game over here.

Like I said, these golf courses you have to hit solid shots and if you don't hit solid shots, you get into some bad places and I just really never played them as well as I should.

Q. When you say wary with your swing, what do you mean?

JULI INKSTER: Yeah, I just tried to simplify it today. Just kind of swing down my line a little bit more. So kind of complicated but I just tried to really simplify my swing.

Q. Can I ask you a Michelle question? Shooting a 74 today, is she out of it?

JULI INKSTER: No one is out of it. She's got a lot of talent, she could shoot 66 tomorrow. You know, three rounds is a lot of golf. I don't think too many people are out of it.

Q. How many bunkers were you in today?

JULI INKSTER: One bunker.

Q. Inaudible?

JULI INKSTER: Well, I think I'm a pretty good putter. I've had some good years. I worked really hard this winter on my swing and on my golf game. It paid off. I mean, I'm just doing a lot of I'm doing the little things good. I'm going to play this week and I'm playing Portland and then I'm taking a month off. I've played well and I'm just kind of ready to take some time off.

Q. Some people find a 15 year old difficult to handle but you're able to do that, how do you juggle everything?

JULI INKSTER: Well, I'm very fortunate. I have two really great kids. I spend a lot of quality time with them. I've got a great husband at home and he's here this week and he's very supportive of what I do. I'm very been fortunate to be able to take my kids to a lot of places and they travel a lot with me.

And you know what, golf is what I do, but it's not really who I am. I love what I do, but being a mom is probably the greatest thing I've ever done. I've just found a balance in my life. You know, it's great having kids to be able to share it with.

Q. Will you speak to them today?

JULI INKSTER: Well, it depends on what time it is. They are probably just getting up. She's 16. She's in the get up late, stay up late mode. But right now, they are with my grandparents at our house. They just got done, they went a few days houseboating with my brother.

Q. Do they have players they like?

JULI INKSTER: You know what, they don't really say anything. They love, you know, Paula Creamer and they love Morgan. They like Christina Kim, the way she dresses. She always say, mom, "Why don't you wear a shirt like that," stuff like that. But I don't think they really think of, you know, them as being that age. Like Michelle Wie, she's a lot older than Hayley is, kind of two different. Hayley, she's worried about what her friends are doing for dinner, and Michelle is worrying about trying to win a major championship, so just two different lifestyles.

Q. Do your children play golf?

JULI INKSTER: My youngest plays a little bit. She's starting to play a little bit. Again, it's that fine line. I've love for them to play, but you know, it's hard for them to follow golf footsteps. My older one plays softball, basketball and golf and my little one, networks, that would be the word for it. (Laughter).

COLIN CALLANDER: Probably a good time to go through the birdies and bogeys. Great start today.

JULI INKSTER: I hit 5 iron into No. 1 about 16 feet.

5 iron again about 18 feet and made that for birdie.

7, I hit 3 iron into it left of the left bunker, and I chipped up and made about a 4 footer for birdie.

No. 8, I hit 9 iron in there about ten feet for birdie.

No. 11, I hit sand wedge about three feet for birdie.

15 again, I hit my second shot to the right and a chip and run and ran it up there about a foot and made that for birdie.

18, I hit in the right bunker, hit out, hit 5 iron just on the green, hit my 5 iron a little thin and had two putts from 80, 90 feet away.

Q. (Inaudible.)

JULI INKSTER: I played it with a 50 degree sand wedge. So I just kind of hooded it.

Q. Having not won this title what would it mean to you?

JULI INKSTER: Well, I don't want to get all emotional but it would mean a lot. This is one I haven't won and you know, I don't know how many times I'm going to come over here and play, so it would mean a lot. If I don't, it wouldn't mean I had a bad career, either. So I just would love to have the opportunity on Sunday to do it.

Q. Annika and Karrie playing well inaudible?

JULI INKSTER: Well, Karrie is playing well and Annika always plays well, so yeah, I think it's really great to have them back and.

Q. When you won your first two majors playing at a very high level inaudible?

JULI INKSTER: Well, it is. If somebody were to say, when I first started out here, I thought I'd play five years and quit and have a family and head off into the sunset. But just I keep playing, I wish I had the answer. I play 18 to 25 a year and make a pretty good living and enjoy what I do. I just enjoy what I do and I think that's why I do it. If it was a grind, I wouldn't do it. I can't even answer the question.

End of FastScripts.

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