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May 7, 2006

Angela Stanford


PAUL ROVNAK: Angela, thanks for coming in. Always appreciate your time. Didn't exactly go the way you wanted it to today, but you did finish up with that birdie on 18 for share of runner up honors. Talk about your day, and then we'll take some questions.

ANGELA STANFORD: Well, it was a rough day. Just never really got anything going. I think if I could have birdied No. 7, that might have helped. But the bogey on 8 I don't know, I just never really got anything going today.

Q. Having Cristie there, paired with her, did that make it any easier or did that put any pressure on you when she did roll in that first putt on No. 1; did that maybe start adding pressure?

ANGELA STANFORD: I didn't think right away. Obviously when she rolls in a putt like that, you don't expect it, but you have to expect the unexpected out here. I mean, I still thought, I had three shots and you know, I just never did anything to put myself to keep myself out in front. She played well. I mean, 5 under on the fine all day of a golf tournament, you're going to win a lot doing that.

Q. How much did being in the lead for three days take something out of you? It's like in a bike race, you're always pacing the rest of the field and they are chasing you, making it a little bit easier for them.

ANGELA STANFORD: I would think so, now, looking back, thinking that you always are gunning for somebody. And I felt like all week I did a great job of just staying in my game and playing my game and staying in the moment, and I don't think I got out of that today. I just think, you know, if you look at my history on the Tour, I've never put four days together.

So, you know, I think it was more I just I've got to figure out how to put four days together. So I think I didn't change anything, I didn't change the way I attacked golf course. I just didn't get the ball in the hole today.

Q. Was it a little bit of everything or did anything in particular give you trouble?

ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I didn't hit it that close today. The first couple of days, I was hitting very close. Yesterday my putter kind of kept me in it. When they both disappear at the same time, you don't expect it.

I told my caddie on 18 tee: "How can a person that makes 21 birdies in three days not make a single one today?" So I don't even get it. I think it's just golf. When I figure it out, I'll let you know, though. (Laughing).

Q. Right now to put things in perspective as best you can, do you feel more of a sense of satisfaction that you were where you were for four days, or disappointment because you got so close and ended up second?

ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I think right now, obviously disappointed. But at the same time, any time you can be in the lead and put yourself out there; you're going to learn something. And the more times you can do it, the more chances you have to win. You know, I haven't been in that position in a while, and I plan on being in that position a few more times this year. I just need to learn as much as I can and anything can happen in this game. So the more you put yourself there, the more chances you have to win.

So I'm pretty proud of the fact that I had the lead for three days, and, you know, I'm going to learn from it. And to be at 17 under par for four days, I've never done that. After starting to change my swing in November, I just never imagined that if you would have told me in May I would have been 17 under par in Nashville, I probably would have laughed at you. I'm going to take more good than bad from this.

Q. Along the same lines, you say you changed your swing, can you take this as the start of a good run for a good few years?

ANGELA STANFORD: I think so. I think players, a lot of players play their best in their 30s. So I'm only 28, so the combination of working on my golf swing, working on my golf game and short game included, being more fit and being stronger going into my 30s, I'm looking forward to it, because I think I have a lot of good years left on Tour.

Q. Did you work out over the winter?

ANGELA STANFORD: I got a new fitness trainer. His name is Dan Riley, at Shady Oaks. He went with more golf specific stuff with me. When I walked into his office the first day, I go, "You know, Dan, I know I can be stronger. I just don't know how." So golf wise, you know, make me stronger, because I know I have more distance in me and I know I can be stronger.

I've always been athletic and I've always been pretty strong, but not golf specifically. So he really started working on my core and a lot of cardio, so legs and core, he really worked on that, and I can tell a huge difference.

PAUL ROVNAK: Take us over your score card today, starting with No. 8.

ANGELA STANFORD: You know, the theme today was low and left, my ball flight. On No. 8, I just hit a wedge left, pulled it, and just missed it, chipped it to about three feet and missed the putt.

13, second day in a row I've hit a bad 5 iron there. Just kind of came out of there. Didn't really trust it, and hit a bad chip to like ten feet and missed the putt.

18, I hit driver, 5 iron, and that chip was probably 35, 40 feet, and chipped it up to like three feet and made the putt. I can't believe I only so I had 15 pars, wow.

End of FastScripts.

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