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May 4, 2006

Angela Stanford


DANA GROSSRHODE: Angela, thanks for coming in. Angela today shot a 65, 7 under, that ties her career low. You're all smiles.

ANGELA STANFORD: Definitely, all smiles. I'm just happy to make a lot of putts today. The whole year so far, just lipout here, lipout there, so can't really get on a roll. So it was nice to get on a roll today.

DANA GRASSRHODE: Real quick, we're going to go over your score card and then we'll have questions for everyone. On No. 3, you had a birdie.

ANGELA STANFORD: I just hit a little 6 iron in to eight feet.

4, I hit 9 iron, and we were about 140 from the flag and just killed a 9 iron. Hit that to like seven or eight feet.

7, I hit a 5 wood just short of the green, chipped up to like three feet and made that, 56 degree sand wedge.

Had a bogey on 9. I'm going through this swing change, so sometimes when I catch is solid, it goes a little bit farther. We had like 153 I think to the flag, and I hit a 6 iron and just air mailed the flag. Hit the back of the green and I didn't hit a very good chip and hit a bad putt.

DANA GRASSRHODE: When you chipped on, how far out were you?

ANGELA STANFORD: That was like seven feet.

DANA GRASSRHODE: Seven feet off the green?

ANGELA STANFORD: No, just like four or five feet off the back of the green, but I hit a chip.

No. 10, I hit a 9 iron like four feet. I had 134 to the flag.

No. 13, that one I hit an 8 iron. I had 139 to the front and the pin was only on like 11 maybe. I didn't want to be I knew a 7 iron would carry past the flag and release, so and again, just drilled an 8 iron.

14, that was a sand wedge, 56 degrees, from 87 yards to I think that was five or six feet.

17, that shot was fun. We had 85 yards to the front. The pin was only on six and with just a little 56 degree wedge to about a foot.

18, I hit a 3 wood into the green, and I don't know how long that first putt was, I would say 40 feet maybe for eagle. That was a tap in for birdie.

Q. You said you're going through a swing change, how much of an overhaul are you doing and where are you with that?

ANGELA STANFORD: I started in November trying to do some different things, and I think I'm feeling more comfortable and confident in what I'm doing. I think that allows me to just swing at it, whereas, you know, when you're first learning something, you don't always buy into it.

I'm starting to hit it more solid, and I used to hit a ball that went more right to left and this ball flight is just straight and not falling to the right. It's easier to control on the golf course and you don't get into as much trouble if you miss it. So it's just been the confidence has been kind of building since the first of the year.

Q. You missed the cut last year. What was difference about today's round than last year?

ANGELA STANFORD: I think I was on the back last year, we were playing in the pouring down rain last year. And I had a brand new caddie this week last year, so it was just a combination of the rain and new caddie, just a bunch of different things going on, and it was about 40 degrees, it was cold.

Q. This year you've missed a couple cuts. Have you been trying to continue working on these swing changes when you have missed a cut, and did you do anything particular in the last couple of weeks to try and hone that down a little bit more?

ANGELA STANFORD: You know, the cuts that I've missed have had more to do with putting. I've only missed Dinah and last week and last week had to do more than putting. Dinah, I made really, really bad swings.

So for me, I'm trying to keep it in perspective. Overall my greens in regulation are good. So I feel like I'm striking the ball very well, and I've just been putting kind of average. So today the putts started going in, and that was fun to watch. I haven't really been discouraged. It's just going to happen when you're learning something new. I'm just trying to keep it in perspective.

Q. Have you changed anything with your putter, changed clubs, done anything to work on that aspect?

ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I started the year with B60, a Ping B60 and now I just have this Craz E. I've never had a mallet putter, so I think it's just helping me to swing it back and swing it through a little better. This is my third week with this putter.

DANA GROSSRHODE: Thank you very much.

End of FastScripts.

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