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April 28, 2006

Dakoda Dowd


PAUL ROVNAK: A little take on your round today, Dakoda. You dealt with probably the hardest course, I would imagine, you've ever had to deal with. Talk a little bit about that today and then we'll open it up.

DAKODA DOWD: Today was just a great experience. I had fun. I didn't play as good as yesterday, but I had fun. I really think that's all that matters.

PAUL ROVNAK: Succinct and to the point. Questions?

Q. I know you talked yesterday, somebody asked you about making the cut and you said you weren't going to think about it. When you started out today, did it cross your mind at all? It was a pretty amazing thing you even had a chance. Did you let it cross your mind for a few minutes?

DAKODA DOWD: It's hard not to. It did one second. You know, I really just think that the reason for this was for my mom to watch me reach my dream, and that's what happened. I didn't really think about it too much. But yeah, for one second.

Q. Dakoda, you and Matt were talking quite a bit through the first two rounds. What were some of the things you and he were talking about and how did that help you out during the round?

DAKODA DOWD: We were talking about yardages a lot, how and I putted it off the green into like the rough about 20 yards off the green.

We talked about a lot of things that would help me out on the course. And then we just had some fun me and Matt conversations.

Q. What were those like?

DAKODA DOWD: He said I'm not allowed to tell anybody. They're too inappropriate (laughter).

Q. I think the plan tomorrow is to still be around. How different will it be being a spectator for all of you guys?

DAKODA DOWD: I have spectated at LPGA events before. I've never been inside the ropes. That was great. But I'm going to enjoy just watching golf, too.

MIKE DOWD: I agree. I mean, just watching my girl today, she looked like she was fading with physical energy and emotional energy. This whole process has been wonderful but draining and you could start to see it in the fading of some of the shots that two more days would be rough right now.

We're thrilled and happy to be able to have the opportunity to watch the girl do her thing and kind of get out of her way. We created enough distraction for these women who are trying to make paychecks and earn a living. And it was awesome of them to let us interrupt what they do for a couple of days. We deeply appreciate that. But it's going to be a blast sleeping in, eating a big breakfast and coming out and watching the pros do what they do. I plan on sleeping in tomorrow because I'm staying out a little late tonight.

DAKODA DOWD: Not on my watch. (Laughter).

Q. Kelly Jo, what are you wearing?

KELLY JO DOWD: I was waiting for that question, Chris. A two part ensemble. The bottoms are Guess. The top is INC, which stands for Incorporated. Thank you.

Q. Dakoda, yesterday you wondered why women cry when they're happy. Can you talk about the tears afterwards?

DAKODA DOWD: Okay, I guess I'm a hypocrite. I feel pretty stupid right about now. Yeah, okay, I cried because I was happy. But a little bit of it was, I was really, really happy, but I was really, really sad.

I mean, all this is very emotional, and just to think of all the people that have been supporting me and supporting my family, it's very emotional, so it just kind of came out right there.

Q. Kelly, you said yesterday that you didn't have words to put this into. I was maybe hoping that after 24 hours you had thought of some. I was wondering after this experience what can you say? What is going through your mind? That's what we all want to know.

KELLY JO DOWD: You mean besides the word "fantabulous," right? This morning I called Ryan and I said, "Ryan, could you please get me a thesaurus, because I'd like to find a couple of words."

So no, I did not on my own. But I can tell you this, for the past couple of days, people have been walking up to me and saying incredible things and saying how much I'm glowing. So I'm going to say this has been a beautiful, glowing, blessed experience.

MIKE DOWD: I noticed the media size shrinks when you shoot 82 as opposed to 74. Is that typical?

Thanks a lot, everybody. Thank you so much.

KELLY JO DOWD: I realize Dakoda didn't make the cut today, but as far as you guys know, she made Mama's cut today.

DAKODA DOWD: Thanks, Mom.

End of FastScripts.

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