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April 22, 2006

Bob Estes


Q. Talk about your round today. Looked pretty good out there.

BOB ESTES: Thanks. I played pretty well for the most part, six birdies, 12 pars. I definitely made some good up and downs to keep the round going, especially No. 17. That's probably the best shot I hit all day was the third shot on 17 to save par when really all I was trying to do was get it anywhere on the green and really have a chance to make that putt.

I hit a lot of good shots and gave myself a lot of opportunities and made some good putts.

Q. When you're playing a round like that and moving up the leaderboard, how does that feel and how do you keep the momentum going into Sunday?

BOB ESTES: Actually it's hard from day to day. When you play a round like that you'd almost like to take a short break and then tee it up again but you can't do that. You've got the whole routine of dinner and a good night's sleep and then do it again. From day to day it's kind of hard to keep it going, but hopefully I can follow up today with another good round tomorrow.

Q. (Inaudible).

BOB ESTES: It was nice. This is one of the tournaments I was I'm able to drive to, so it's nice. I'm able to drive to Houston or Dallas or Fort Worth or San Antonio and not have to mess with any of the airports, so it's nice, a lot of Longhorns in the gallery, so a lot of support.

It's another hot week, so it's nice to play in the heat. I like it when it's warmer. This is a good golf course that we're playing, so it's a lot of fun.

Q. Do you feed off of that kind of support?

BOB ESTES: I think so, yeah. I think it definitely helps to have more people in the crowd saying things, whether it's "Go get 'em, Bob," or whatever, but it's just nice to one guy said "Make Texas proud." Whether it's the State of Texas or University of Texas, I don't know, but that's what I'm trying to do.

Q. If there is one thing going into tomorrow that you need to tell yourself, what would that be?

BOB ESTES: Well, every shot out here is important. The greens as firm as they are for the most part, you have to put the ball in the fairway first of all and then make sure you're thinking as far as your approach where you're able to put the ball. You can't just fire at the flag because the greens are firm and the ball is not checking up unless you're hitting a sand wedge or wedge or some of those shots. It's just a hard golf course. You've got to hit fairways, hit greens and hopefully make a few putts like I did today.

You can make birdies on this golf course, but some of the guys are going to do it, and hopefully I'll be one of those tomorrow.

End of FastScripts.

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