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April 21, 2006

Stuart Appleby


STUART APPLEBY: Well, I guess the good thing about not finishing is I don't have to go through a driver or go through woods or anything. Amazing, 9, I'm not sure where that pin is, but it makes it easy to know what you're preparing for. Obviously it's inconvenient to have to do it.

Q. Does being 11 under take a little sting out of it?

STUART APPLEBY: I don't know. The group in front of us finished. They were just a lot quicker than us, I think. They pushed and knew they could get across the line and get their cards signed. No, it doesn't really matter. The course will be fresh. It was in good shape today, so it'll be marginally better tomorrow morning. The greens will be fresher.

We definitely couldn't get to 9, so there's no point in pushing it, and we'll just have to come back tomorrow.

Q. How would you sum up how your day was today?

STUART APPLEBY: Well, we had a bit of breeze, so the course was playing pretty easy. You've got some wind and the greens are reasonably receptive, you put it in the fairway, the game becomes a lot easier. I drove it well, putted pretty good and hit it pretty good, but nothing fancy, just good solid golf.

Q. Must be kind of feeling like you have good karma when you play early in the morning, first day no wind, you kind of expect to play in the afternoon, draw some wind?

STUART APPLEBY: Yeah, I think we got a good side of the draw. I'm not sure how, but other players maybe share that. They had an afternoon yesterday and they got the wind and we had an afternoon draw today and didn't. I think there was probably a couple shots there. I think if you're playing well and put the ball in position, a score is there to be had. You have to play pretty good to shoot a real low one, but 6 , 7 under is a tremendous score.

Q. What's your mindset from here?

STUART APPLEBY: Just keep playing like I'm playing. Everyone is getting a good knowledge of the course now, I think everyone understands it, and it seems to be playing the same, the only things varying would be the pin positions and the wind, and I think everyone is getting much more comfortable. It's just now will it dry out, get some dry weather and get some bounce in the fairways and make it interesting.

End of FastScripts.

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