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August 3, 2006

Joe Durant


DAVE SENKO: Joe, maybe just get us started, 7 under 65 today, just a quick recap on the day.

JOE DURANT: Yeah, I played pretty solid. Hit a bunch of fairways and greens, nothing flashy. Didn't make a bunch of long putts. Made possible made the putts you should make on greens this good, 10 , 15 footers. Rolled the ball nicely. The conditions were prime for good scores, so the greens were very soft. The fairways were soft and the ball wasn't going to run all through the fairway and the par 5s are reachable; with that combination, scores will be very low today.

DAVE SENKO: Let's get your birdies real quick.

JOE DURANT: 12, I hit a driver, sand wedge about ten feet and made that. 13, driver fairway wood to the left green side bunker and got up and down, hit it to three feet.

14, driver, wedge, to about eight feet and made that.

16, hit driver, fairway wood just short of the green, pitched it to about eight feet and made that.

3, I hit a 5 iron to about three feet, made that.

4, driver, wedge or driver, 9 iron, excuse me, to about ten feet, 15 feet and made that.

7, driver, fairway wood on the green, 2 putt, birdie from 50 feet or so.

9, drove it in the left rough kind of behind a tree and just had to punch it out. I had a 70 yard wedge shot and hit that to about ten feet and missed the putt, so only bogey.

Really I was surprised we started with the front that came through but got off on the normal time. When the weather came in, it actually looked as good as it had, but the one line of storms coming through looked pretty bad at the time but it dissipated a bit. Fortunately we got back out and got it done.

Q. Can you talk about your year, do you feel like you've been searching a little bit and things are maybe starting to turn for you?

JOE DURANT: I hope so. My game has not been very good this year. I've made a bunch of cuts. I've played, I've just been mediocre I guess. I've been around the cut, and then shoot 1 under or even par on the weekend, and you can't do that out here.

It's been a weird year for me. Usually I'll get hot for a few weeks or contend or be close, and I've only had one Top 10 all year. This has probably been my most frustrating year all year since my rookie year. I don't feel like I've been that far off, just a little off here and there, so just keep working.

Q. What did you do during the delay?

JOE DURANT: Fortunately I was able to sit the table with Paul Azinger so he was able to talk about the World Poker Tournament, so that was entertaining. I watched a bit of the poker on television and Rocco went last year and Zinger just got back from there and he was going through the ins and outs. I guess they had almost 10,000 people start the tournament, so it was fun to listen to him.

Q. Where were you when the delay happened and what kind of a job did they do of getting the players off the course and into safety before the weather hit?

JOE DURANT: I was on the third green. Brett Quigley and Robert Allenby were finished putting and when they blew the horn, I was about to putt. I had hit my best shot of the day, three feet, and I had to sit on my 3 footer for a few hours.

They got us off the course really quick. They concerned about getting the fans off the course with the look of that storm coming, but I think it worked out pretty well and we got right back out there.

Q. You and Brett both shot 65. Does it help when you're playing well to have somebody else in the group making birdies?

JOE DURANT: Oh, yeah. Robert (Allenby) shot 5 under, so we had a good group. Brett holed his third shot on the par 5 No. 13, I guess it is, and made eagle, and then he made a bomb on the next hole.

So we kind of got off to a quick start as a group and we just kept pushing each other along. It does help and it can go the other way sometimes, too, but today was one of the good days.

Q. Has this been one of the crazier weather weeks with the excessive heat the first few days and the rain today?

JOE DURANT: We've seen everything this year. With the heat we've had the last few weeks, some weeks where we've stopped and started several times, this has probably been one of the crazier ones because of the excessive heat. And now we're going to go to beautiful conditions by tomorrow. So it's pretty much run the full gamut of weather in about four days already. Hopefully it will be good the rest of the time though.

DAVE SENKO: Thanks, Joe.

End of FastScripts.

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