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August 13, 2006

Katharina Schallenberg


MODERATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, as you know, Miss Schallenberg, really, one of the best matches I've seen in my life, certainly. So dramatic. What's your initial reaction to it?

KATHARINA SCHALLENBERG: I had a good time on the golf course today. It was fun playing. And finally I lost, but it was okay because we both played good golf.

Q. The putt that you made on the 35th hole, the 17th hole this afternoon, Kimberly had already made about a 12 footer and you had to make it to stay alive. What were your thoughts standing over that putt?

KATHARINA SCHALLENBERG: Don't lead it short.

Q. Don't lead it short?


Q. Then on 18, you weren't even on the green, and you had to make it. Tell us about that putt, the way it broke and what you were thinking about?

KATHARINA SCHALLENBERG: First of all, I had to forget about the pitch and concentrate on the putt, and I checked the meters, and then I just knew it was from right to left only a little bit, and I had pretty much the same thought, don't let it short. And it went in.

So it was Kimberly's shot deciding over the match.

Q. Yes. That was one of the most courageous shots I've ever seen. Were you nervous standing over that last putt?

KATHARINA SCHALLENBERG: No, not more nervous than the putt on 17.

Q. You were 5 up at one time, and it got away from you.

KATHARINA SCHALLENBERG: I just made a couple mistakes, maybe. Or the balls didn't bounce, they could have bounced better, I guess. And we weren't reading the greens as well as Kimberly and Frank did, yeah.

Q. What will you take away from this experience?

KATHARINA SCHALLENBERG: The whole week? Or just the match?

Q. The whole championship, making it to the Finals, taking it 36 holes.

KATHARINA SCHALLENBERG: It was a great week coming here, playing the practice rounds and just being overwhelmed about what's going on here. I mean the course was in perfect conditions. It was so difficult, especially at the beginning. Then they dried out the fairways so the balls got to run a little bit longer.

For the stroke play, I just wanted to play 2 4 over par. I succeeded and then the match plays, they were great. All the opponents were fair. We had good games. Yeah, that's it.

Q. This is obviously taken you to a much higher level. I mean in the world of women's amateur golf, this putts you definitely many, many steps up from where you were before.

Are you aware of that?


MODERATOR: Questions?

Q. Were you happy with the break, because you had been 5 up, then the last three holes got away. She played well in those last three holes. Were you happy that you got to take a break to maybe stop any momentum at that point in time?

KATHARINA SCHALLENBERG: I didn't think about it. I just took the break as it was scheduled and that was fine with me.

Q. I saw you leave the dining room, and you were smiling. You were still 2 up. So you felt pretty good about it then going back out?

KATHARINA SCHALLENBERG: Everything was okay. I fixed my swing on the 5 range last night or this morning because I saw it on TV and I just didn't like it. So I changed my set up.

And, yeah, did the same things as I did in the morning. Just didn't work out for me today.

Q. Did you think that maybe she got a little more aggressive in going at pins and things like that in the afternoon? Did her game change at all from maybe some of those earlier holes?

KATHARINA SCHALLENBERG: Well, I don't know. She played pretty aggressive in the morning, too, and she had a couple of lucky bounces, I guess, or I thought they were lucky. But that's golf. That's why we are playing the game.

Q. Did you all talk at all out there?


Q. You and Kimberly?

KATHARINA SCHALLENBERG: Not much. It was a quite tense atmosphere. But I think that's okay, because it's a huge championship and everybody wants to win this.

And so we concentrated on our game. That was good.

Q. I hope just on a personal note I hope you realize that you had a lot of support out there, even though she was a United States citizen and you were not. You had a lot of fans supporting you, and that ovation at the end of the round was one of the longest I've ever seen at the Women's Amateur. I think just in appreciation of both players. Did you feel that?

KATHARINA SCHALLENBERG: I felt it. One of the girls I played the stroke play, Remijin, the whole family came out to support me yesterday and today, and Carlotta Ciganda from Spain, she came. And that was very nice.

I'm happy about it.

Q. What will you say to your parents? You haven't spoken to them yet, have you?

KATHARINA SCHALLENBERG: Well, they probably know that I lost, so I don't have to tell them. As they only have seen the live scoring on the Internet, I'm going to tell them it was a great match. It was tough. That we both played pretty good and that they definitely read the greens better than we did.

Q. Were you surprised at her length? I know you're not exactly a short hitter yourself, were you surprised at how far ahead she was of you on some holes?

KATHARINA SCHALLENBERG: No, because she has a right to left shape and that always lengthens the ball. So that was okay. Not a problem for me.

MODERATOR: Any other questions?

Q. Just one more question. In the scheme of you played a lot of match play golfing in Europe, how would you rank this match in terms of difficulty compared to


Q. The top?

KATHARINA SCHALLENBERG: Uh huh. Definitely, yes.

Q. You certainly proved yourself as a superior player. You made a lot of fans. You played very well under the greatest of pressure. Those birdies on 17 and 18 this afternoon were incredible.

Friends you've taken you can keep always. Thank you so much for cooperating with us so much this week. Thank you.

End of FastScripts.

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