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September 3, 1992

John McEnroe


Q. In the first set, you were a little disappointed because you lost a little momentum and you lost the first set. What would you say helped you to just better concentrate?

JOHN McENROE: Well, I mean, not knowing whether we were going to play is tough. It was very windy in the beginning. I felt like he was playing well. I actually felt like I got a bum rap at 4-All. I had a point that he overruled, which I don't think he should have overruled; it was way too close to overrule. I managed to regroup and put my mind on the match. Then the conditions improved and it got less windy and my game picked up. Then I felt like I played a great three sets.

Q. John, did you play him before?

JOHN McENROE: Never played him. I played with him once in doubles, so I had an idea of how he played, and I felt like he has come a ways since we played doubles together. He is still pretty young. He is only 22 now. He is dangerous. He has got a lot of shots and also a little inconsistent. I knew that if I played the top of my game, I could take control.

Q. He has a strong serve, almost like a quick pitch in baseball.

JOHN McENROE: A Tanner serve; a quick hit right off the toss, and it is difficult to get a high percentage of first serves on that, because the timing is difficult. You really have to time it just right.

Q. You seemed distracted. There was some interplay with the fans, with the chair. Is that -- did that get you going; get your juices going?

JOHN McENROE: Not really. Only thing that happened was that I mean, the rule states that you should only overrule on a clear mistake. If that ball was in that he overruled, it maybe was one quarter of an inch in. I think it is inconsistency that makes it difficult for the players. The first one was a foot and a half out. He claimed that this ball that Diego had hit at this point was that much in. But the fact is that it was maybe, at the most, one quarter of an inch in; that is debatable, whether it was in or not. The rule states will you should overrule on a clear mistake. I mean I just feel that it is difficult when you get inconsistent with that call, and as far as, the crowd was, I didn't really feel I had any trouble with the crowd at all. I felt like no one knew -- the fans and the players together didn't know whether we would be -- make -- it was just one of those things where you knew it was going to be difficult to play, because, first of all, we came off. It was raining really hard. Then it was real windy in the beginning, and the fans were blowing in the first, like, 4, 5 games and you couldn't even hear the ball being hit, and then all of a sudden, it was-- there was also another match being played on the grandstand so there was inter -- clapping going on there and people yelling at the top, so, it was one of those days where you really had -- I felt like my concentration was good because otherwise, you could have really gotten distracted because of that and also the fact that it was just so few people there. So, that it makes it tough. You come in, and this tournament is really quite possibly, as I said, the last one that is going to have any meaning, certainly, and maybe the last one at all. You play a match like that and you get a situation where you are scheduled and it doesn't even look like you are going to play and you do and it is difficult.

Q. Next round you play winner of Fromberg and Pozzi. Did you play them in the past?

JOHN McENROE: I haven't played either of them before.

Q. Thank you, John

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